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[WEBINAR] Don’t Sweat Quality Management: Tips and Tricks from Sweaty Betty

Live on Tuesday, July 27th at 11am EST

When Sweaty Betty’s brick and mortar retail business had to move online during the pandemic, there were a thousand things to think about as the company transformed into an ecommerce operation. The apparel company, which specializes in women's activewear, puts customers and employees at the center of everything they do, so customer experience was of paramount importance. But the quality management tool they had in place didn’t help them make the leap. 

As the company grew rapidly, fulfilling orders to faraway places, agent interactions needed to align with the company’s goals and culture, while meeting every customer’s expectations for great service. Sweaty Betty turned to Playvox Quality Management to more effectively handle agent monitoring, scorecards, evaluations, coaching, and workloads.

Amy Rooney

Amy Rooney

Customer Solutions Manager, Sweaty Betty

Ashley Dukat

Ashley Dukat

Events Manager,

You’ll learn:

  • How automated QA workflows empower agents and analysts
  • To create equitable and effective scorecards to help agents deliver world-class customer service
  • Practical tips for handling unprecedented volumes of customer service interactions with robust interaction filtering

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