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[WEBINAR] Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Empowering Agents Within the QA Process

Live at 11 AM EST on January 27th, 2021

We’ll cover:

  • How to incorporate your agents into the QA process through calibrations and disputes
  • Ways to eliminate subjectivity
  • Strengthening agent experiences through training
Ashley Horton

Ashley Horton

Group Manager of Customer Support

Taylor Burke

Nico Bryan

Content Marketing Manager

In many customer service organizations, quality assurance remains the ever-present boogie man to your agents. Since quality assurance programs tend to pinpoint what agents did wrong, they can be a scary experience.

So, how do we squash these fears? Simple: Empowering the agent experience. Literati, a children's book club and subscription service, sets its quality assurance program apart by allowing agents to have ownership of their own quality.

Literati not only allows for agents to be a part of the conversation, they use calibrations to ensure that agents remain an integral part of the quality assurance process. Join Ashley Horton, Group Manager of Customer Support for Literati, for a chat on how they transformed their quality assurance program and achieved customer excellence by incorporating the agent into every part of the QA process. At Literati, agents actually LOVE the QA process.

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