[WEBINAR] A Match Made in Heaven: Playvox’s Agent Optimization Suite and Agyle Time’s Workforce Management Platform

Combining the power of the Playvox Agent Optimization Suite with Agyle Time’s Workforce Management platform is a match made in heaven.

With nearly 75% of customer service operations teams today working in remote environments, real-time forecasting, scheduling and monitoring of workforces are more critical than ever. Equally important are quality management, performance management, learning and agent motivation.

Join this live webinar to learn all about the power of a cloud-native, digital-first workforce optimization platform built for modern businesses. Come with your questions for the live Q&A.

You'll Learn:

  • You will meet the CEOs of Playvox and Agyle Time
  • Learn about the Playvox Workforce Optimization product
  • See a live demo
Your Hosts:
Oscar Giraldo
Founder & CEO Playvox
Seb Wortley
General Manager, Workforce Management