Detours: Five Contact Center Success Stories on the Unexpected Route (Thanks 2020)

The employee journey is just as important as the much-touted customer journey, but building trust, engagement, knowledge, and continuous improvement with employees has never been as challenging as it was during the pandemic.

COVID definitely forced us all into a very unexpected detour. The good news is that sometimes the most exciting discoveries come while on the road less traveled.

Hear five stories of contact center *brainiacs* who managed to rise above the challenge and create big wins for their employees, from remote hiring to finding creative ways to connect; from coaching to onboarding and even a whole lot of skills progress. Along the way, you may relate to your own 2020 wins, and we want to hear those as well! Then, as we navigate back to the main route, we do so celebrating our victories and knowing we are smarter, stronger, and more capable than our 2019 selves could have imagined.

You’ll Learn:
  • Unique ways to show appreciation for your workforce
  • How to engage a remote team members 
  • How to successfully be a part of the post-COVID remote work shift
Your Hosts:
Kristyn Emenecker
Chief Product & Strategy Officer, Playvox
Jennifer Waite
VP, Product Marketing, Playvox