Generational Alphabet Soup: The recipe to support an inter-generational contact center

Baby boomers, GenX, Millenials and now GenZ – we are embarking on an age where four distinct and differentiated generations make up our contact center teams, and managing, motivating and inspiring this span can leave even the most experienced leaders searching for a new recipe.

In addition to the challenges presented by the pandemic, we have now added a whole new layer of complexity in the form of vastly different approaches to, and perspectives on, the nature of work. The good news is that the hallmark of a great chef is the ability to elevate each flavor to create something unforgettable. We discuss how to use the multigenerational aspect of your team not as a source of heartburn but as a source of delight.

You’ll Learn:

  • How to maximize scheduling efforts for multigenerational preferences
  • Best practices for coaching and development
Your Hosts:
Jennifer Waite
Vice President, Product Marketing at Playvox