[WEBINAR] Trust the Process: How to Reduce Subjectivity in Your QA Program

Subjectivity is at the heart of great customer service QA programs. Yet, this simple objective is difficult to achieve. Even with a strong scorecard system, QA programs always seem to start off inherently subjective. But what if there was a way to reduce subjectivity within the QA process while improving customer satisfaction and the agent experience?

Healthy Paws sets its quality assurance program apart by preventing escalations with strong process documentation. Healthy Paws not only weeds out the noise, but they cater to both inexperienced and experienced agents with the way they restructured their process documentation.

Join Taylor Burke, Program Manager, Education & Communication, for a conversation on how they, alongside Playvox, worked to make their process documentation a more fun and approachable process to ensure consistent objectivity in the QA program.

We’ll cover:

  • How to fine-tune your process documentation
  • Key scorecard questions to improve subjectivity
  • Calibrations to improve subjectivity