Increase Empathy in Your Multigenerational Customer Experience Center

Over 90% of customers in recent surveys indicate they would switch to a competitive company if they have a bad customer service experience. On the positive side, over 60% indicate they are willing to pay more for outstanding customer service.

One of the keys to providing exceptional customer service is training your customer experience agents to practice empathy and emotional intelligence – a task made all the more challenging when there are generational differences between the agents and the customers they are serving.

Fortunately, Playvox can help.

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  • The definition of Emotional Intelligence and how you can measure and improve it
  • Why empathy in customer interactions is so important
  • How you can overcome the challenges of generational differences between your agents and customers
  • How your agents can demonstrate genuine empathy with customers

Your Host:

Increase Empathy in Your Multigenerational Customer Experience Center

Carver Matheidas

VP, Channels, Playvox

Carver serves as Playvox’s Vice President of Channels where he works with partners to deliver outstanding customer experiences. A long-time contact center industry veteran, Carver has previously held leadership roles at Zoomi.ai, Five9 and ShoreTel and has a passion for understanding the relationship between empathy, emotional intelligence and the customer experience.