Leveraging Data: Building Customer Service From the Ground Up

Building a customer service organization that relies on a robust quality assurance program is no easy feat - especially during a global pandemic. Between hiring a full team, choosing the right QA software, and keeping your agents motivated while working remotely, there are a lot of moving parts in order to ensure success.

Blueberry Markets, an Australian-based Forex broker and online trading platform, built their customer service operations from the ground up, leveraging data and insights within the Playvox platform to better the overall customer experience. They do this through ensuring their agents are empowered through the calibrations process and by creating a positive relationship to coaching.

Join Hanna Aquino, Client Experience Manager for Blueberry Markets, for a chat on how she helped build a customer service team from scratch through the power of Playvox’s Agent Optimization Suite.

You'll Learn:

  • How to better the agent experience through calibrations
  • The power of recognitions and gamification
  • Continuous scorecard improvement and creation
Your Hosts:
Hanna Aquino
Client Experience Manager - Blueberry Markets
Nico Bryan
Content Marketing Manager - Playvox