Playvox WFM: Optimizing the Service Heart of Modern Business

The demands of customers on businesses this past year have grown considerably. Contact centers have focused across a range of digital channels to keep up. Check out how Playvox Workforce Management helps you solve scheduling complexity in an elegant way.

The Playvox team presented a session on Optimizing the Service Heart of Modern Business at the Society of Workforce Planning Professionals annual conference. Attendees learned about industry trends and hot topics from WFM experts.

Watch the SWPP session and learn:

  • how the pandemic has changed the contact center channel mix
  • how to manage channel preference and volume
  • what workforce changes foretell for staffing, scheduling, and workforce optimization
  • how Playvox WFM optimizes the service heart of modern businesses with its digital-first, cloud-native, and culture forward WEM solution

Your Hosts:

Playvox WFM: Optimizing the Service Heart of Modern Business

Josh King

Head of Solutions Consulting, WFM

Josh King is the Pre-Sales Director APAC, and is passionate about helping customers find the right solutions to improve operations and make their lives easier. When he’s not evangelizing Playvox’s industry-leading product suite, he enjoys spending time with his family, bushwalking, dancing, and playing drums (but not all at the same time).

Playvox WFM: Optimizing the Service Heart of Modern Business

Kristyn Emenecker

Chief Product and Strategy Officer

Chief Product and Strategy Officer, Kristyn Emenecker, is a leading voice in the workforce enablement and contact center industry. When she’s not cooking up new product solutions for Playvox customers, you can find her whipping up something delicious in the kitchen or doing the mom thing as an advocate for kids with hearing loss.