Quality Management for Digital Customer Service and Support

As the pandemic forced workers out of offices and into work from home environments, even the slowest-moving companies scrambled onto the digital transformation bandwagon. As a result, customer service transactions via chat, email and messaging set new records in 2020.

After the dust has settled, many organizations are realizing their voice-based contact center best practices have not caught up to the new omnichannel norm. Leaders everywhere continue to pour into web searches in pursuit of QM-for-chat template samples and email monitoring best practices.

Join Donna Fluss, President, DMG Consulting LLC, and Kristyn Emenecker, Chief Product & Strategy Officer, for a discussion on the importance of tools that enhance agent engagement and contact center agility, improve the customer experience, and reduce operating expenses.

You’ll learn:

  • Why all transactions must be monitored, and evaluated
  • How to extend a phone-centric QM program to include digital transactions, or how to establish a digital channel QM program for the first time
  • How to calibrate digital interactions that come from different channels
Your Hosts:
Donna Fluss
President DMG Consulting LLC
Kristyn Emenecker
Chief Product & Strategy Officer, Playvox
Jennifer Waite
VP Product Marketing, Playvox