Retaining Agents with a Mindful Culture: Methods to Improve the Contact Center Experience

While we all navigate an ever-changing definition of normalcy, you and your agents also need to feel a sense of wellness. How can we best support a quality of life for our team members, customers and ourselves?

Take a deep, healing breath with us and Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy Board Certified Dr. Peter Economou. Dr. Pete is a certified mental performance consultant and founder of the Counseling and Wellness Center. You don’t want to miss this opportunity to recognize the ways extra stress shows up in our work, build your and your team’s mental and emotional resilience, and better manage your day-to-day during these trying times. Your customers, your agents, and you, yourself, will thank you!

You’ll Learn:

  • Principles to improve productivity of your contact center staff
  • How to integrate wellness and mindful practices into your contact center culture
  • Strategies to develop a mindfulness practice

Your Hosts:


Emily Gray

VP, Customer Success, Playvox


Dr. Peter Economou