Team Performance Metrics: What’s New, What’s Coming

We are so excited to give our customers a sneak peek into what’s new and what’s coming for Team Performance Metrics at Playvox! Join Playvox Product expert, Kelly Peacey, as she reviews the latest features and capabilities that will help you improve your agents’ performance and elevate your customer’s experience.  Some of these features are currently in beta, but we want to provide some insight into the value these metrics will bring to your business. Kelly will discuss how to track team performance with our historically accurate team data, monitor team trends over time, and access a detailed view of how your teams are performing against a refreshed library of metrics. You will not want to miss this customer-exclusive reveal!

You will learn:

  • How to track team performance using our archive of historically accurate data.
  • Methods to monitor team trends as they develop over time.
  • Gaining a comprehensive perspective on your teams’ performance through a variety of updated metrics.

Your Hosts:

Team Performance Metrics: What's New, What's Coming

Kelly Peacey

Product Manager,

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Team Performance Metrics: What's New, What's Coming
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