Webinterpret uses PlayVox to drive service quality and customer satisfaction

A PlayVox Customer Story


"We use PlayVox as a unifying platform in all our offices: China, Poland, US and Spain. It allows us to set up the same standards and provide a more flexible learning schedule".

WebInterpret turned the global marketplace on its head by breaking down the barriers to international retail for e-merchants. Providing superior customer service was always one of the core values. PlayVox is now the core quality assurance platform that takes its service delivery programs to the next level.

webinterpret on improving customer service quality

The Challenge: Maintain their Service Quality Brand while Scaling a Global Business.

- QA program based on spreadsheets. A time-consuming process for quality analysts and not at all engaging for support agents.
- Quality analysts needed to go through a complicated evaluation process. Having multiple tabs open to evaluate one single interaction.
- Lacked coaching process and tools for agent training.

The Solution: PlayVox - No more spreadsheets. Fully integrated, scalable solution for Quality Programs.

- 300% increase in number of evaluations by agent per month. From 4 monthly evaluations per agent to 12.
- Having all operations: quality, training, coaching and motivational tools in one centralized place.
- Instant improvements in productivity, time and agent engagement.
- Integrated with Zendesk, Salesforce, LiveChat and call recordings.

Improve service quality with PlayVox just like Webinterpret

“All our team members are delighted with PlayVox, especially the team leaders” mentioned Emilia, the Quality and Training Manager at Webinterpret. “We are currently saving so much time that we are hoping to improve the process and increase the number of evaluations done per agent from 4 to 12 evaluations monthly. This is something exciting for us, as we are seeing instant improvements in time and in agent engagement.”

Outstanding Advantages from PlayVox: higher engagement from all team members and data driven metrics.

- Engaged agents that now participate more proactively in the quality and coaching process.
- Data driven metrics that allows the team to easily identify areas of improvement and track progress.
- Higher agent performance and early signs of higher customer satisfaction.

“The agents feel more engaged in the process. They are starting to discuss in their evaluation results, since they can now participate and give feedback”. Within PlayVox, all the evaluation options are very positive for all parties because everyone feels involved in the process.

WebInterpret highlights some of the advantages that the quality and training team has found in PlayVox. The first advantage has been ''Data for the Team Leaders, that enables them to track progress and fallbacks''.

Webinterpret is seeing a very positive impact on their CX. They can easily find interactions with low customer satisfaction and to coach agents based on specific issues. “We have seen significant improvement in agent performance and early signs of higher customer satisfaction.” Emilia also mentions that “PlayVox has allowed us to be more objective and analytical when making important decisions that might affect our QA process”.

As for the agents, they no longer feel left out in the evaluation process. “Agents, no longer have the feeling that they are just being evaluated; they now know they can also participate and have the option to be coached on something they are not doing correctly, or rewarded whenever they are giving outstanding results. This is very positive and motivating for them”.

“The most important part about PlayVox is that you are able to gather all the data you need in one place. Because this data can be analyzed and compared in detail. We are tracking information more accurately and in a more precise way.

PlayVox gave the Quality Assurance team the integrated tools to improve overall quality results and customer satisfaction.

Emilia Solnica,
Training Coordinator

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