Bienvenidos a Miami!

Paradise found: Zendesk Relate 2020

Going to work isn’t so bad when you’re surrounded
by palm trees.

Grab your swimsuit and dancing shoes, we’re headed to Miami Beach for Zendesk Relate! Join us for 3 sun-soaked days at the brand-spanking-new Miami Beach Convention Center, March 3-5.

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Hold on now!
Before we get to the fun, we still need to work a bit. If you’re planning on attending Relate, come by our booth and let us show you what the Playvox Agent Optimization Suite is all about. If you get lost, look for the sombreros.

We invite you to join us for Agent Experiences Fuel Customer Experiences. Turo, the biggest peer-to-peer car sharing marketplace, sets itself apart by empowering agents. Founded in 2009, Turo has scaled fast, while improving customer experience. In the last two years, the number of Turo agents has tripled to 400, in four countries across multiple BPOs. Learn how Turo, alongside Playvox, scaled its customer service operations in a $230 billion market through its agent-first strategy.

Manu Ferrari, Director of Shared Operations Services, Turo
Michelle Sexton, Operations QA Manager, Turo
Bryon Thomas, VP of Marketing, Playvox

Date and time:
Wednesday, March 04 | 12:00 PM - 12:15 PM
Save your spot and RSVP to our Facebook event.

It should be no surprise that Miami runs on coffee, particularly of the Cuban variety. Café runs through the heart and veins of the magic city. 

You may be used to drive-throughs and hipster cafes where you’re from but here in Miami, the devotion to walk-up windows, or as locals affectionately call them, ventanitas, is real. 

Before you head down to Zendesk Relate, spare yourself the inevitable strange looks and get the Café lingo down. There’s a definitive way to order coffee on Miami Beach, but look no further -- we’ve got you covered.


Strong, sweet, and covered by a rich, creamy head, un cafecito will be enough to power you through lunch. 

Typically served in a white cup and saucer, don’t let this child’s play set fool you. This ounce-and-a-half or so single serving is small but mighty.


Don’t be fooled by the four-ounce Styrofoam cup of hot, sweet Cuban coffee -- this is not your average Starbucks espresso. There’s a reason the ventanita waitress will hand you a half-dozen thimble-sized plastic cups. 

Bring this jet fuel back to your 5 favorite work pals after your lunch break and you will all blast through the rest of the conference day, no problem. 

Pro Tip: Pinch the lip of the Styrofoam cup to create a spout. This makes pouring the colada much easier.


If pouring straight gasoline into your body is just too much, order a cortadito -- a single serving of Cuban coffee with steamed, whole milk. 

Pro Tip: For a liquid dessert, ask for a cortadito con evaporada. The waitress will substitute the milk with sweet, steamed evaporated milk.

Café con leche

Miami mornings are nothing without a cup of warm, steamed, or boiled milk with a shot of Cuban coffee aka, the glorious café con leche.
The waitress may ask you if you want it clarito (light) or oscurito (dark) - dependent on how much coffee you want. If neither feel right, ask for mediano or golden perfection, as we like to call it. 

Pro Tip: Add a pinch of salt to your café con leche for major street cred from the locals at la ventanita.

After you’ve heard from the best and brightest in the CX community, attended your daily sessions, and networked your face off, Miami Beach is your oyster. 

From art to art deco, ocean views to Ocean Drive, and everything in-between, there is no shortage of activities for you and your work pals to join in on.

Bass Art Museum

Channel your inner artist and spend some time at the Bass Art Museum. Home to several world famous art events, Miami is one of the art capitals of the world. 

If you’re not fully mesmerized by Ugo Rondinone’s colorful rock tower, we are sure you and your eyes will be roped in by the Mikalene Thomas exhibit.

Explore Ocean Drive

Ocean Drive is home to some of the best beaches, shopping, and sightseeing. Hit la playa with your work pals for a morning run or some much-needed tanning (we know year-round sunshine is most definitely a Florida thing.) 

For a run, we suggest down the boardwalk (extends to 5th street and Ocean Drive for nearly 5 miles to the north) and for a nice day at the beach, we suggest anywhere between 7th and 10th street.

Art Deco Tour

Miami Beach is famous for its Art Deco architecture, which dates back to 1925-1940. There are a number of gems that still stand to this day and give off that retro vibe tourists love so much. 

Still scratching your head, wondering what Art Deco is exactly? If it’s got blocky elements, curved and geometric shapes, bright pastel colors, and uses materials like stucco, glass, and terracotta, it’s Art Deco. 

Buildings you should check out: the Colony Theatre, the Essex Hotel, the Breakwater, and the Delano.

Versace Mansion

We’re sure you’ve heard the famous murder story -- the one about Andrew Cunanan murdering Gianni Versace on the front steps of the fashion designer’s Miami Beach mansion? In 1997, the house was the scene of a muder investigation. Now, it provides the backdrop for dozens of tourist photos. 

We highly encourage you to get your inner-Instagrammer on and check out the Versace Mansion for yourself. How can you resist the opportunity to see a pool lined with 24-karat gold tiles?

Finding the best Miami Beach bars can be a tricky venture for both locals and tourists alike. With an abundance of hip-looking cocktail joints on every corner, there are plenty of overpriced and underwhelming distractions on South Beach. Lucky for you, we know how to spot a tourist trap from a mile away. 

Maybe you’re looking for a crazy good cocktail or maybe you’re itching for a night at a great dive bar. Whatever your poison, we’ve scouted the best and most authentic places to grab that much needed post-conference drink.

Mac’s Club Deuce

We love a landmark that also serves drinks, and Mac’s does just that, every single day from 8AM - 5AM. If you’re looking for a killer dive bar, then you’ve come to the right place. 

This 50-plus-year-old South Beach bar is rich in history. The neon lights were installed by the Miami Vice crew themselves during a shoot. This spot is friendly, if you play by the rules, which come down to three things: cash only, don’t touch the blinds, and don’t be a jerk.

The Broken Shaker

Nestled in The Freehand, everyone’s favorite high-end hostel, The Broken Shaker started as a pop-up cocktail bar before becoming a permanent fixture in the hearts and minds of Miami Beach. Eclectic, quirky, and a bit avant-garde, this tropical outdoor bar remains the North Star of the South Beach craft cocktail scene. 

Gather your favorite work pals after the conference and congregate around one of their signature punch bowls. Not only do they make it convenient for not having to trek back and forth to the bar, but they are insanely delicious and change seasonally.

The Regent Cocktail Club

Unleash your inner Miami-vacation-Don-Draper and revel in the greatness that is, The Regent Cocktail Club. If mixologists donning waistcoats and pouring deliciously inventive drinks isn’t your thing, we are sure the retro stylings of the place itself will lure you in. Add in their live lounge music and it’s as if the Rat Pack could walk through that door at any minute. 

The best part? There’s also a rooftop space for you to sip your classy cocktail while taking in those breathtaking sunsets that Miami Beach is known for. 

Sweet Liberty

Name one place where you can order deviled eggs, an old-fashioned, and get down to ‘90s hip-hop. We’ll wait. Often called the best bar in all of Miami, Sweet Liberty has that kind of special energy that makes you want to put your phone down, pick your drink up, and dance the night away.

This neighborhood favorite has something for everyone. With an innovative cocktail menu crafted by the award-winning bartender, John Lermayer, and $.75 oysters, expect your belly and heart to be full.

If food is your thing, you’re in luck that Relate is situated in Miami Beach this year. With incomparable cuisine, Miami Beach boasts a number of eateries that source fresh local seafood and fine cuts of meat, offer creative menus, and employ chefs of international accolade. 

We’ve broken our recommendations down into quick bites first, for those of you short of time and cash, and then swanky spots, for those of you looking to treat yo’ selves.

Time Out Market:
With 18 different eateries serving everything from Mexican to Vietnamese to Cuban, Time Out Market is an awesome place to get an abundance of well-priced food all under one roof. 

Grafa Pizza and Pasta: Nothing hits the spot quite like homemade Italian food. If you’re craving pizza and pasta, look no further than the fulfilling Grafa Pizza and Pasta.

Bodega Taqueria y Tequila: Bodega Taqueria y Tequila boasts over-the-top, authentic Mexican street food and the best tequila and mezcal cocktails all within a tricked out taco truck interior. 

ShakeShack on Lincoln Road: When in hunger, sometimes you just need to go with a place that is tried and true. Starting from a hotdog cart in Madison Square Garden, ShakeShack has grown into a great place to grab burgers, beers, shakes, and fries.

Joe’s Stone Crab:
It has been said a million times and it will be said a million more, Joe’s Stone Crab is the mecca for stone crabs. Packed with old school charm, the notoriously long wait is worth it. 

Estiatorio Milos: This elegant loft space offers diners a unique gastronomic journey through Greece. They elevate their high-concept Greek preparations with seafood flown in from the Mediterranean.

Smith & Wollensky:
We will just leave you with this incredible quote by Chef Matt, “You can have a fancy meal that you’ll forget next week. But the best steak you’ve ever had? That is an experience you will remember forever. It’s what our whole menu is designed to deliver.” If that doesn’t make you crave a steak from Smith & Wollensky, we don’t know what will. 

Pao at Faena: Situated within the luxurious and famous Faena Hotel, Pao boldly introduces a new brand of globally influenced Asian fare complete with stunning ocean views.

Do Miami Beach like a local with our Playvox Guide to Zendesk Relate!

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Is there a dress code?
While we encourage you to pack your sandals and swimsuits, we also encourage you to leave those back at the hotel during conference hours. When in doubt, keep it business casual and always prepare for a chilly room by bringing a sweater.

Where is the conference located?
Zendesk Relate 2020 is located at the state-of-the-art Miami Beach Convention Center. You can plug this address in your navigation and get there in a jiffy: 1901 Convention Center Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33139. Or simply click here.

Is there public transportation to get to the conference?
There absolutely is!
The closest stations to Miami Beach Convention Center are:

  • Meridian Av@19st is 268 yards away, 4 min walk;
  • 17 St & Convention Center Dr is 297 yards away, 4 min walk;
  • 17 St@Washington Av is 483 yards away, 6 min walk;
  • Washington Av@19 St is 806 yards away, 10 min walk;
  • Washington Av@18 St is 810 yards away, 10 min walk.

These Bus lines stop near Miami Beach Convention Center: Bus - 119,
Bus - 123.

Where can we find the Playvox Booth?
Lucky for you, we have this handy-dandy map so you can find our booth, lounge, and meeting room. If you see sombreros, that’s us.