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Work From Home: 10 Lessons to Elevate Remote Agent Experiences

With remote work likely here to stay, you may need ideas on how to boost agent engagement and the virtual work experience of your employees. 

In this on-demand webinar, Work From Home: 10 Lessons to Elevate Remote Agent Experiences, Charlene Petrie with Sutherland, the digital transformation company, shares actionable advice to help you successfully navigate the ripple effects of COVID-19. 

Charlene discusses a variety of important topics, including:

  • How to manage and optimize the performance of your remote agents
  • How to measure and improve quality in a virtual setting
  • How to recognize and reward team members when you aren’t face-to-face  
  • How to provide real-time training and coaching in an online scenario 

 She also explores how the agent experience drives the customer experience, the importance of assessing quality, and she gives tips for managing from a distance. The webinar ends with Charlene answering questions from the audience, which is made up of contact center leaders from across the country. 

If your contact center was forced to quickly pivot to a remote work environment, you may not know which workforce optimization tools to use, how to effectively communicate with your remote team, or how to virtually recognize and reward your agents from a job well done.

But with Charlene’s 10 lessons, gleaned from Sutherland’s track record of guiding big brands through big changes, you can successfully navigate the transition from in-office to remote — whether it’s for the short-term or the long haul.

10 Lessons to Elevate Remote Agent Experiences - Sutherland Webinar

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