Workforce Management (WFM) Capacity Planner– Plan for long-term capacity needs with ease  and deliver exceptional customer experiences

Are you tired of long-term forecasting with spreadsheets that are out-of-date as soon as they are finalized? Or, do you struggle to use complex systems that were developed when voice-only call centers were standard?  

We can help. Our WFM Capacity Planner manages the complexity inherent in forecasting with AI-driven algorithms that let you leverage historical data easily.  Capacity Planner is designed for the way customer service and support centers operate now, and is built for managing the distributed omnichannel workforce common today.

Workforce Management (WFM) Capacity Planner

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Through embedded AI, Capacity Planner incorporates historical data and provides a look into up to twelve months into the future. With this kind of information, you can better plan for staffing, nesting of new hires, scheduled and predicted unexpected absences, and shrinkage.  Easily generate a capacity plan using forecast data and schedule configurations that are already in the system. Best of all, our intuitive solution doesn’t require outside consulting and/or additional resources.


Predict your customer service contact volumes and service levels with ease. Get the insight you need to  deliver exceptional customer experiences. And, with Capacity Planner, you can move away from an annual plan that is outdated the minute volumes change. Dynamically model scenarios and better predict what the future might look like


With AI-driven automated forecasting you can combine historical volume and work effort to create a more precise forecasting model – for each channel, queue, or interaction type. Obtain the visibility you need with absence, shrinkage, and attrition thresholds to model the best scenario for your business needs.


With Capacity Planner and its AI insights, you can adjust your plan when assumptions change and easily collaborate with other stakeholders to ensure an accurate plan. Share your scenarios with multiple business roles within your workforce team for better collaboration, along with an improved forecast.

Workforce Management (WFM) Capacity Planner

Say good-bye to manual uploads! Playvox WFM Capacity Planner leverages historical data and forecasts already in the system. The information is color coded for easy interpretation, allows for differing scenarios, and the ability to share online or export to CSV, making it easy to collaborate on plans.

Playvox WFM Capacity Planner takes into account work rules and forecasts while offering the option to see how fluctuations in shrinkage, planned, and unplanned absence will impact your future staffing needs. Playvox also uses summaries, graphical or table information, and color coding for easy interpretation to identify shortages or overages in staffing.

Workforce Management (WFM) Capacity Planner
Workforce Management (WFM) Capacity Planner

Playvox WFM Capacity Planner creates an easy process for planners by leveraging data already in the system including historical data, shift templates, and absence. This makes sharing the plan for collaboration easy by sharing with an assigned business role within the system. This offers the ability to create differing scenarios to better prepare for the future.

Playvox WFM allows for easier, more effective work for every employee, everywhere.What are you waiting for.