Measure the customer service KPIs that matter with Playvox Performance

With at-a-glance visibility to the Customer Service KPIs that dictate your operations success and a clean, centralized dashboard for all your data sources, you can accelerate optimal change at every level of your KPI kingdom.

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Performance contact center trends

Manage and measure your most critical performance metrics.

Playvox Performance displays over 60 metrics and 100+ data points in a configurable view. Easily filter views by team, or individual level, with KPIs highlighted for convenience.

Measure workforce productivity in real-time

Metrics including overall or channel-specific occupancy, utilization, handled, resolution rates, and more all help to identify productivity trends across your workforce.

Flexibility drives efficient and impactful processes

Metrics can be rolled up by time period (e.g. weekly, monthly) to identify trends or inconsistencies, making coaching a more efficient and impactful process.

Performance contact center trends

Customize Focus and Goals

Create dashboards by team to customize the focus for each group. Set goals for each individual KPI and see which KPIs have been met. Create as many KPIs as needed and track performance progress by individual team members.

Empower and Engage Agents

Agents can be given visibility of their own metrics to understand their performance in real-time.

Performance reporting provides an easy way to identify trends over time.

Performance contact center trends
Performance contact center trends

Master Performance and Operations

See a multitude of metrics all within a single page. The Dashboard displays the scheduled plan as compared to what’s happening in real-time to assist you in knowing when to make changes to the current plan. Our simple, interactive dashboard covers the KPIs you need to master performance and operations goals including shrinkage, adherence, workstreams, occupancy, service levels, and schedule accuracy.

You’ll be in good company

Playvox is trusted by the customer teams of leading brands worldwide.

It’s time to transform your business operations and provide world-class customer service.