Measure the Customer Service KPIs that matter with Playvox Performance

With at-a-glance visibility to the Customer Service KPIs that dictate your operations success and a clean, centralized dashboard for all your data sources, you can accelerate optimal change at every level of your KPI kingdom.

Cookie-cutter metrics don’t always deliver the full picture.

Playvox offers a powerful formula builder to create customer service KPIs unique to your organization and customize the exact metrics you need to track, so you can achieve your contact center goals.

Disjointed views derail team performance, limit operational impact.

Playvox allows you to gain a more holistic view by combining multiple KPIs into a performance campaign and track progress for individual agents or for the entire team.

Lack of personalization limits visibility.

Playvox provides personalized dashboards to create a more holistic view of customer service operations. Combine QA scores, effectiveness, customer service KPIs, and beyond.

Performance customer service kpi

Elevate employees with KPI-based coaching and recognition.

Provide continuous feedback based on real results. Boost morale by recognizing outstanding performance in leaderboards and identify necessary coaching for agents that miss goals.

Master your operations with a holistic view of people and progress.

Whether your team is located in-office, working from home, or a part of an outsourced team, you can view their performance by location or at a macro-level.

Performance customer service kpi
Performance customer service kpi

Automatically connect Quality Management efforts for balanced performance views.

With Playvox Performance, Quality scores always connect to other operational KPIs so you can easily understand the impact of behavior adjustments on hard metrics, without costly integrations.

You’ll be in good company

Playvox is trusted by the customer teams of leading brands worldwide.

It’s time to transform your business operations and provide world-class customer service.