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Bring out the best in your employees so they can deliver for your customers. Manage operations efficiently to save hours on manual processes and unnecessary labor costs.

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Workforce Engagement Management contact center trends
Workforce Engagement Management contact center trends

Reduce Costs with Workforce Management

Intelligently forecast, schedule, and monitor your workforce in real time, saving hours on manual tasks. Take control of costs and create more time to coach and manage your team.

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Automated forecasting

Real-time data and self-adjusting algorithms continuously improve scheduling accuracy and reduce staffing costs. Handle synchronous and asynchronous workloads without any hassle.

Efficient scheduling

Get alerts to balance staffing with your SLAs. Monitor intraday schedule adherence and occupancy. Avoid over-scheduling to reduce costs and under-scheduling to maintain customer service levels.

Optimized real-time dashboards

Drill-down reports with real-time data from phone, chat, social media, and ticketing platforms provide insight into key measures like punctuality, adherence, occupancy, service levels, workstreams/queues, scheduled tasks, forecasts, and more.

Boost Customer Retention with Efficient Quality Management

Manage customer service quality cost-effectively as you scale with an integrated and comprehensive QM solution.

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Workforce Engagement Management contact center trends

Improved customer experience

A quality management system for chat, support tickets, and text interactions automates and improves QM processes with features like flexible scoring, feedback by question, second evaluators, and group scorecards.

Surface customer sentiment automatically

Automatically surface insight into customer sentiment across all digital interactions. Gain insight across all of your interactions, not just a sample, taking the guesswork out of coaching.  Make it easy for your team to find the interactions they want to analyze across channels so they can fix costly problems faster.

Automated, collaborative workflows

With Playvox Workloads, automatically distribute customer interactions to analysts for evaluation based on powerful filters. The Calibrations feature makes it easy to compare QA analyst responses with expert opinions and ensures an organization-wide quality standard.

Maximize efficiency and improve CX

From your agents and quality analysts to workforce schedulers and management, Playvox has the tools and real-time intelligence you need to manage contact center operations more efficiently and increase customer retention.

Workforce Engagement Management contact center trends


Give your team interactive online training and development that lets you easily create courses and track progress at scale.

Workforce Engagement Management contact center trends


Engage, motivate, recognize, and reward top talent with a community forum, digital badges, and an online store to inspire stronger team performance for better CX.

Workforce Engagement Management contact center trends


Easily create and track custom KPIs and combine them with standard customer service KPIs for a holistic view of team performance.

Workforce Engagement Management contact center trends


Drive continuous team improvement with coaching sessions based on QA results. Improve call handling, behaviors, compliance, and soft skills to keep churn down.

Playvox Workforce Engagement Management allows for easier, more effective work for every employee, everywhere.