Workforce Management built for today’s contact centers

Omnichannel Workforce Management (WFM) doesn’t have to be hard. Playvox’s complexity-taming AI makes your forecasting, scheduling and intraday planning easy and accurate. It’s time to ditch the spreadsheets for a cloud-native, quick deploy solution.

Your business evolves in real-time.
Your software should too.

Playvox WFM keeps up with the evolving pace of your business, automating schedules up to the minute with accuracy and intelligence that spreadsheets can’t match.

You can’t fix what you can’t see.
Gain the visibility you deserve.

With Playvox WFM, get a real-time view of planned vs actual for every location and work type. No matter what today brings, our AI-powered foresight helps you adjust and stay on track.

Your reports should work for you.
Not the other way around.

Our simple, interactive dashboard covers the KPIs you need to master planning and performance including shrinkage, adherence, workstreams, occupancy, service levels, and forecast accuracy.

Shift changes are a hassle of the past.
Give your agents flexibility.

Playvox WFM elevates the employee experience by supporting shift swaps within the team. Set predefined rules, so your agents, customers, and schedulers all win.

Workforce Management Software

Workforce Management built for today’s contact centers.

Most WFM solutions were designed for voice calls first. Playvox WFM was built from the ground up for digital-first, omnichannel contact centers and supports the workflows required today.

Schedule the concurrent work other WFM solutions can’t support.

Where the old algorithms of the competition fall short, Playvox WFM goes beyond and easily handles the concurrent model common for digital service channels like chat, email and social media.

Workforce management forecasting and scheduling
Workforce management solution

Simple, elegant, and easy to use.

So easy to use, customers typically don’t need an FTE to manage Playvox Workforce Management. Our purposeful, intuitive design means training is quick and easy for agents, team leaders, and contact center managers.

“Playvox WFM enables a more holistic view of operations. It has the potential for just-in-time insights as well as resource forecasting capabilities that can make a significant impact on our operations.”
Ori Dugary
Senior Director, Service Operations at Twitter

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