Workforce Management (WFM) built to get operations under control — quickly and efficiently

Omnichannel Workforce Management (WFM) doesn’t have to be difficult. Playvox’s WFM leverages AI to make your capacity planning, forecasting, employee scheduling, and intraday planning easy, accurate, and far less time-consuming. Best of all, our solution is cloud based so you can access your workforce management system wherever you are.  

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Workforce Management WFM
Workforce Management WFM

Playvox Workforce Management (WFM) ROI Calculator

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Workforce Management software that lets you create exceptional experiences with real-time visibility into your business

With Playvox WFM, get a real-time view of planned vs actual staff for every location and work type. We understand that today’s customer interactions are often complex, requiring multiple steps and/or staff outside of customer service to solve particular issues. Playvox WFM enables you to plan, forecast, and schedule agents for multi-step interactions with AI-powered foresight, helping you keep your budget on track.

Workforce Management software that empowers your employees with flexible change management and real-time visibility

Staff schedules are never easy – matching up your carefully planned forecast against the very human needs of your employees. Playvox WFM elevates the employee engagement and agent scheduling by supporting shift swaps within the team, as well as time off requests. Set predefined rules, so your agents, WFM schedulers, and customers all win. Give agents access to real-time data so they have a clear understanding about their performance metrics, and where they need to adjust to provide exceptional experiences. 

Workforce Management WFM

Customize your insights to focus on the KPIs that matter most

Many Workforce Management solutions require you to review many screens or databases and piece together the data you most need. With Playvox WFM, you can view a simple, interactive performance dashboard that covers all the KPIs so you can master planning and performance. These performance dashboards include shrinkage, adherence, workstreams, occupancy, service levels, and forecast accuracy.

Workforce Management WFM

Workforce Management software built for today’s contact centers

Most WFM solutions were designed for voice calls first. Playvox WFM was built from the ground up for digital, omnichannel contact centers and supports the multi-step customer interactions and workflows required today. With Playvox, you can step away using a system built for a phone world that is increasingly disappearing and leverage a WFM solution designed for the complex and omnichannel world of today.  

Schedule the concurrent work other WFM solutions can’t support

Where the competition’s old algorithms fall short, Playvox WFM easily handles the concurrent model common for digital service channels like chat, email, and social media — keeping you from over- or under-scheduling.

Workforce Management WFM
Workforce Management WFM

Easy to use, a cinch to learn

So simple and intelligent, you’ll save hours on workforce management. Our intuitive design means agents, team leaders, and contact center managers can train in no time and stay focused on what matters most — delighting customers.

“Playvox has been crucial to Angi being able to take back control of our agent operations.  Driving accountability across our agent pool has not just improved customer experience and financial performance, it has also increased our team’s ability to deliver on both of those metrics as other factors outside of our control shift.  We would not be able to effectively run our contact center without Playvox.”
Rob Lajeunesseu, Angi
Director of CX Strategy and Operations

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