Provide equal access to success with Playvox Coaching

High performing and engaged teams are built, day-by-day. Deliver agent performance breakthroughs via consistent, effortless, and automated coaching tied directly to Quality results.

Manual processes and variation between coaches limits results.

Receive automated coaching recommendations based on evaluated interactions. Then build consistency between coaches and reduce coaching effort by using Playvox Coaching templates. Allow every agent to benefit from the best ideas.

Agent Coaching shouldn’t fall through the cracks because of tracking.

Utilize the Coaching Stats dashboard to get an overview of what coaching has been assigned and completed while tracking the progression of a team or agent over time.

Remote work shouldn’t be a roadblock to coaching.

Playvox unlocks equal access for all, allowing you to use text, images, and even video to create templatized or individual coaching plans for every employee in any location.

Coaching agent coaching

Create closed-loop coaching so every employee, everywhere is engaged.

After agents review their coaching assignment, they acknowledge receipt and have the opportunity to enter their own feedback for their manager.

Deliver coaching with context, clear actions, and trackable progress.

With coaching connected Quality reviews, agents understand exactly what behavior to adjust through real-life examples that makes feedback resonate and gives clarity to progress.

Coaching agent coaching
Coaching agent coaching

Build individualized performance development over time, because every journey matters.

With Playvox Coaching, you can track individual progress, passed targets, and agents’ improvement over time through easy access to history.

You’ll be in good company

Playvox is trusted by the customer teams of leading brands worldwide.

It’s time to transform your business operations and provide world-class customer service.