Understand what drives exceptional experience with Playvox Quality Management

Elevate every agent with our flexible, digital-first Quality Management (QM) solution that lets you move beyond basic QA to full QM, so you don’t just identify problems — you fix them.

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Quality Management
Quality Management

Most QM Software isn’t built for digital channels.
Welcome to the digital era.

Playvox QM was made to efficiently handle digital interactions like support tickets, live chat, and email. Wherever interactions take place, you can deliver the right ones to your QA team for fast review and coaching to improve customer retention.

QA analyzes problems after they happen.
QM lets you stop problems before they start.

Proactively analyze agent interactions to look for coaching opportunities that improve service and prevent costly issues.

Quality assurance software can be rigid.
Your business deserves flexibility.

QM delivers flexible scoring, feedback by question, and calibration so you can discover customer service problems quickly without wasting hours digging through interactions.

Recruiting, training, and onboarding are expensive.
Avoid the cost and hassle with QM that goes deeper.

Playvox QM lets you understand what makes up your best agents so you can find more team members like them. With integrated coaching, it helps you keep your whole team engaged to reduce agent attrition.

Quality Management

Surface customer sentiment automatically

Automatically surface insight into customer sentiment across all digital interactions. Gain insight across all of your interactions, not just a sample, taking the guesswork out of coaching.

Smooth automation of your Quality workflows

Playvox Workloads automatically delivers a consistent stream of the right interactions reach analysts, eliminating time wasted searching for them. Set daily, weekly or monthly goals and specify a fixed number of interactions per analyst for maximum efficiency.

Quality Management
Quality Management

Prevent costly CX problems before they grow

Traditional QA only does half the job — by the time you find an issue, CX has already suffered. Playvox provides full Quality Management, going beyond QA to engage and develop employees before profit-draining problems occur.

“The QA team lives in Playvox… That was our main reason for choosing the software. But now it’s also become the agents’ home for seeing their metrics, working towards their goals and getting their badges. It’s so much more than QA – and more than we were ever able to achieve with our previous vendor.”
Ben Segal
Associate Director of Infrastructural Efficiency at Freshly

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