[WEBINAR] Keeping Score: How We Increased CSAT 13% in 90 Days With Improved QA Scorecards

Your agents are working hard during these trying times and they seem to be doing a great job managing a mountain of customer interactions all while providing good customer service. But, do you have all the information you need to dig down and really determine agent effectiveness? At the core of any good quality monitoring system is a great scorecard. So, why is it so difficult to build a strong scorecard?

Scott’s Cheap Flights, a company that enables people to travel and explore the world by helping them source reduced fares, took their QA program from zero to their customer service operations hero. Scott’s Cheap Flights ditched the spreadsheets and evolved their broad questions to a more sophisticated scorecard system. This not only allowed them to target inefficiencies in their scoring but it created a more holistic view of agents’ work, resulting in a 13% increase in CSAT in just 90 days.

Join Nicole Rinker, Member Success Team Lead, and Tasha Champagne, Senior Member Success Specialist of Scott’s Cheap Flights for a conversation on how they, alongside Playvox, worked to build a robust quality assurance system through stronger scorecards and rewarding excelling agents with fun and unique badges.

We’ll cover:

  • Real scorecard examples
  • Tips and tricks to reward agents in unique and
    engaging ways
  • How to leverage agent data
  • Insider knowledge on building a QA program
    from the ground up