[WEBINAR] Building the Ultimate Customer Service Workforce: Train, Motivate, and Empower Agents

In an era where the customer is king, customer service agents are your most important resource. It is more important than ever to evaluate, improve, and inspire agent performance. To ensure you are providing the ultimate customer experience, it is vital to have the strategies and processes in place which will allow your agents to thrive across all channels.

In this webinar, we are joined by CX industry leaders from Twitter, ESPN, and Freshly. It is sure to provide you with crucial insights into the future of customer service from senior leaders at some of America’s biggest brands.

You’ll Learn:

  • How to boost your customer service team’s performance 
  • Ways to centralize and automate your entire QA process 
  • Effective strategies to optimize agent performance across channels
Your Hosts:
Donald Hicks
VP, Global Ops & Customer Experience, Twitter
Colin Crowley
VP, Customer Experience, Freshly
Doug Kramon
Senior Director Fan Support & Customer Care Ops, ESPN
Emily Gray
VP, Customer Success, Playvox