Top Ten Characteristics of a Winning QM Form

An essential component of quality assurance, agent monitoring should be designed and implemented so your agents receive the education, coaching, and training they need to do their best work and create a world-class customer experience. Many agent monitoring programs don’t fulfill their potential because, while they may reveal high scores, they ultimately do not accurately reflect the customer’s view of the interaction. In practice, quality monitoring leads to enhanced business outcomes when there is a continuous focus on the customer and an ongoing investment of time and energy.

You’ll Learn:

  • How to develop a QM form that measures behaviors that have a genuine impact on your business goals
  • How to measure the execution of corporate cultural values to uncover trends and opportunities
  • How to mitigate reputational, regulatory and revenue risk and maximize revenue and reputation

Your Hosts:

Top Ten Characteristics of a Winning QM Form

Kristyn Emenecker

Chief Product & Strategy Officer, Playvox

Top Ten Characteristics of a Winning QM Form

Jennifer Waite

VP, Product Marketing, Playvox