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Evaluate agent-to-customer interactions across multiple channels; Calls, Emails, Live Chat or Social Media.


Distribute content in minutes, create courses and quizzes to assess knowledge and keep your employees engaged with social and collaborative learning.


Agent and team leaders performance is pulled into one easy-to-use interface. It's displayed so that call center staff and executives can easily see how they're performing, and how they can improve.


Target skills development to ensure your people are consistently up-to-date. Deliver customizable coaching forms and dynamic goals straight to the frontline.


Send digital gift cards to recognize employee accomplishments. Motivate your sales and service teams with over 240 consumer brands including Amazon, Starbucks, Nike, Target and others. Total fulfillment of credit distribution and redemption.


Transform your employees into an engaged community, aligned and focused on providing great customer experiences. Share victories using customized badges and karma points.


Collect and share customer feedback directly to agents to motivate and  drive performance to improve the customer experience.


Analyze performance, training, coaching, quality, employee engagement and customer experience data in one place.

Team Communications

Allowing agents and team leaders to connect, engage and work efficiently across the organization to drive better customer experiences.

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