What is PlayVox?

PlayVox helps you to engage your workforce across all your call center practices including: training, coaching, performance management, recognition and team communication in one place.

Drive Sales and Customer Service Performance

PlayVox Workforce Engagement and Analytics solution can be easily integrated with multiple 3rd-party applications.

gamification for five9
gamification for zendesk
gamification for avaya
gamification for salesforce

Built for Call Centers Like Yours

Callzilla’s President, Neal Topf, explains the use of the PlayVox gamification system in the contact center and how agents, supervisors and customers have benefitted from its implementation.
"In the first six months with PlayVox, we went from 40% of our agents performing in the top performance quartile to 70%."  

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We’re on a mission to make call center management simpler, transparent, rewarding and more productive.