Top Tips for Engaging and Motivating Agents 

The keys to agent retention? Celebrating success and keeping them engaged and motivated.

While compensation will always be a top priority for employees, a Gallup study found that employee experience is highly correlated with retention. Engaged employees needed a 31% increase in pay from another employer to leave their company, while disengaged employees only needed the offer of a 22% increase to jump ship.

When agents feel valued and are recognized for their efforts, they’re more likely to stay and grow with your company. Agents who stick around and become more seasoned can deliver the outstanding customer experience your contact center strives for.

Celebrating Success In The Contact Center: Top Tips For Engaging And Motivating Agents

What’s Inside

This ebook provides insight into:

  • How to identify your best-performing agents
  • Understanding the top and bottom performers with the right KPIs
  • How to properly reward and recognize employees
  • How to have more fun and drive more success