How to Manage Staffing and Scheduling Efficiencies Across Channels

Knowing how to maximize agents’ skill sets through more intelligent scheduling is the ticket to a high-quality customer experience across multiple channels.

Striking the right balance between contact center efficiency and customer experience is a growing challenge as customer expectations expand and labor budgets shrink. Empowering agents by tapping into their strengths will help them bring their best selves to the job each day.

This ebook explains how to manage staffing and scheduling so your agents can deliver customers the hassle-free, connected experience they want in the channels they favor most.

Scheduling Efficiencies Across Channels: How To Manage Staffing To Do More With Less

What’s Inside

This ebook gives you insights and guidance for optimizing the agent and customer experience in your contact center. It includes:

  • Forecasting Demand to Enable the Experience Customers Want
  • Real-Time Metrics to Measure for Scheduling Success 
  • How to Schedule Agents by Channel Volume And Skills
  • How to Make the Most of Agents’ Strengths and Maximize Every Labor Dollar