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ContactBabel’s Omnichannel Workforce Optimization

The 2023 Inner Circle Guide to Omnichannel Workforce Optimization from ContactBabel is the definitive analyst guide to the WFO / WEM suite, including workforce management, analytics, recording/QA, eLearning, gamification, performance management, and workforce engagement management (WEM).

This guide provides a detailed and definitive overview of implementing and using key customer contact solutions, an appraisal of vendors and products available, and a view of what the future holds. The report also answers some of the most frequently asked questions about contact center technologies.

Use this guide to help manage your customer experience transformation as you navigate 2023.

🇺🇸The Inner Circle Guide to Omnichannel Workforce Optimization

What’s Inside

  • Key definitions and terminology used in workforce optimization
  • Frequently asked questions about call and contact center technologies
  • Omnichannel workforce management statistics and analysis
  • Current and future use of workforce management solutions