Playvox Quality Management for Salesforce

Streamline your Quality Management efforts by deploying our full integration into your Salesforce instance to extend the power of your investment.


QM software built for digital channels: chat, email, and support tickets

Manage all your quality operations to easily pinpoint customer service issues and take real-time action such as coaching, training and motivating agents to drive continuous improvement.

Deliver consistent experiences to customers

Identify and evaluate your chat, email, support tickets and voice interactions so that your team can quantify the experience you are delivering to your customers.

Automate the delivery of coaching and learning modules

Use the Quality data collected to identify opportunities for a coaching or learning module to your agents so they can improve the service and experience they provide to your customers.

Quickly deploy a full integration with a ready-to-use API

Deploy Playvox Quality Management within a few hours and you can sync Salesforce users, build quality scorecards, create priority filters, and assign interactions for your team to evaluate.

Playvox WEM allows for easier, more effective work
for every employee, everywhere.