Revolutionize Customer Experience by integrating Playvox WFM with Five9


Customer communications preferences have changed. Businesses are required to have omnichannel solutions that are seamlessly integrated to create exceptional experiences. When you bring Five9, Salesforce, and Playvox WFM together you create a fully connected, AI-driven experience. Connected data. Connected agents. Connected customers.

Playvox Workforce Management (WFM) ROI Calculator

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With Playvox WFM integrated with Five9 you can:

  • Built for digital, but can also accurately forecast and schedule calls, because the solution leverages multiple algorithms for more accurate results
  • Handle synchronous and asynchronous workloads seamlessly, in an omnichannel environment
  • Al-powered forecasts and schedules account for the multi-steps it takes to resolve inquiries
  • Real-time data in seconds, not minutes,gives the visibility you deserve
  • Built-in, flexible, long-term Capacity Planning with the ability to adjust assumptions as needed, and easily share for collaboration

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About Five9

The Five9 Intelligent CX Platform provides a comprehensive suite of solutions to engage with customers across their channel of choice, empower managers with insights and intelligence into contact center performance, and elevate your business to deliver better business outcomes and Bring Joy to CX™. Our cloud-native, scalable, and secure platform includes contact center; omnichannel engagement; Workforce Engagement Management; extensibility through more than 1,400 partners; and innovative, practical AI, automation, and journey analytics that are embedded as part of the platform. Five9 brings the power of people, technology, and partners to more than 2,500 organizations worldwide.

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Playvox WFM allows for easier, more effective work
for every employee, everywhere.