Instead of just closing tickets, help people by integrating Gladly with Playvox WFM

Gladly is the only customer service software built around helping people, not closing tickets. Gladly’s radical personal approach saves costs, boosts revenue, and builds loyalty for your business.


Playvox WFM is built for the proliferation of digital channels common in today’s contact centers. With Playvox WFM integrated with Gladly you can:

  • AI-driven forecasts identify and assess future conversation workload across channels, based on real-time and historical data collected from Gladly.
  • Understand long-term resourcing needs and manage short-term schedules for your agents to effectively run customer support operations effortlessly and deliver exceptional experiences to your customers.
  • Automatically assign agents to shifts based on incoming workloads, to ensure supply meets the demand with a keen eye on productivity, adherence, and customer delight.
  • Drill-down reports with real-time data provide insights into key measures like productivity, adherence, occupancy, service levels, workstreams/queues, scheduled tasks, forecasts, and more.

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About Gladly

Gladly is the only customer service software built around people, not tickets. Unlike legacy support systems that use a ticket or case number to enable workflows, Gladly helps businesses provide highly personalized experiences through lifelong customer conversations, independent of channel. By layering AI on top of its people-centered platform architecture, Gladly effectively scales this personalization, empowering consumers to help themselves and agents to become more efficient. This unique approach results in cost savings and long-term loyalty for over 300 customers across the world’s most loved brands including Allbirds, Bombas, Crate & Barrel, Ulta Beauty, Warby Parker, and more.

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