Playvox Workforce Management (WFM) ROI Calculator

Playvox Workforce Management (WFM) ROI Calculator
Calculate your expected ROI in three steps

Calculate your expected ROI in three steps

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Why Playvox WFM

Playvox WFM key features:

  • Built for digital, but can also accurately forecast and schedule calls, because the solution leverages multiple algorithms for more accurate results
  • Handle synchronous and asynchronous workloads seamlessly, in an omnichannel environment, and can account for the multi-steps it takes to resolve inquiries
  • Real-time dashboards give the visibility you deserve
  • Al-powered, automatically generated forecasts and scheduling
  • Real-time and Historical Reporting & Analysis included with the product
  • Built-in, flexible, long-term Capacity Planning with the ability to adjust assumptions as needed, and easily share for collaboration
  • Quick onboarding and training efforts, with built in help to drive deeper learning


Playvox Workforce Management (WFM) ROI Calculator
Playvox Workforce Management (WFM) ROI Calculator

WFM with the Other Guys

  • Built for voice
  • Built for synchronous interactions, typically ‘tweaked’ for asynchronous
  • Real-time often limited based on connectors available, and location of sources
  • Manually generated forecasts and schedules, with complicated step-by-step wizards.
  • Historical and Real-time Reporting typically available at additional cost
  • Capacity Planning typically sold as an add on, if it’s available at all, and one and done planning tool
  • Lengthy onboarding and training time

The Playvox WFM Difference 

  • Native cloud and built for the digital world
  • Top notch global support and services
  • Customer success manager assigned to EVERY customer, regardless of size
  • Automated forecasting and scheduling reduce manual effort and costs
  • Historical and Real-time Reporting included for full visibility to your business
  • Capacity Planner included, using data already available, that can be edited and shared for collaboration
  • Uses real-time data and self adjusting algorithms to continuously improve forecast accuracy
  • Specialized, native integration with Salesforce and Zendesk
  • Open API’s to make custom integrations easy
Playvox Workforce Management (WFM) ROI Calculator

What Customers Are Saying: 

Playvox Workforce Management (WFM) ROI Calculator

“Working with Playvox Workforce Management has been a dream! They’ve been an incredible partner — super quick to help and very willing to build out functionality that makes the lives of our team easier.” 

Kayla Roden, Manager of CX, SeatGeek

Playvox Workforce Management (WFM) ROI Calculator

“More output with the same resources – winning! The Playvox Workforce Management system provides real time global updates across all time zones, so we know exactly what’s going on for any given period…The fact that we are able to pull in the other metrics, such as CSAT and QA, means we have a balanced view on how we are delivering service globally in real time. It blows me away how easy this has all been.” 

Yvonne Gilmour, Head of Service Delivery, Afterpay