Our Pricing Models

Starter Plan
Streamline your
QA Process

per user per month*
(Annual contract)
per user per month*
1 integration (Helpdesk, CRM, phone, chat)
Interaction Filters
Scorecard builder (unlimited scorecards)
In-Ticket Grading
Role-specific reports
Data exports
OAuth via Google
Customer success and product training

Professional Plan
Scale and advance your QA Process

per user per month*
(Annual contract)
per user per month*
All starter features +
Quality calibration
Automated workload assignment
Advanced reporting
1 on 1 and in bulk Coaching
Unlimited integrations
OKTA and Onelogin integration
SAML single sign on
 Multi-site Management
1 Add-On**

PlayVox Suite
Tools for the entire agent life-cycle

per user per month*
(Annual contract)
per user per month*
All professional plan features +
 All Agent life-cycle tools:
*Users are defined as: Administrators, Team Leaders, Quality Analysts and Agents.

PlayVox Add Ons**

Our Add Ons can be purchased individually by acquiring at least our Starter Package. Pricings are per user, per month.

*Our Add Ons can be purchased individually by acquiring at least our Professional plan. Pricings are per user, per month.

Performance $10
per user per month
Connect data, measure and consolidate your agents’ KPIs such as NPS, CSAT, AHT, among many others. With Performance you can track your agents’ KPIs and measure the impact of your QA process and customer service team.

Learning $5
per user per month
Provide your customer service team with all the educational information they need in a didactic and participative way. Send your agents targeted trainings and encourage them to learn with PlayVox's lightweight LMS.

Motivation $5
per user per month
PlayVox motivation is a place where agents are rewarded with points based on their Quality, Coaching, Performance, Learning and overall PlayVox results, as well as give your team members recognitions for their achievements.

Pricing Explanation

Starter Package 
Streamline your QA process
Integrations: Integrate your CRM or service software and easily bring your customer interactions to PlayVox.
Interaction Filters: Create filters to easily find tickets according to your evaluation preferences.
Scorecard Builder: Create and personalize scorecards in minutes. In-Ticket Grading: Evaluate using your scorecards while simultaneously viewing or listening to a particular interaction.
Role-Specific Reports: Generate reports by agents, analysts or teams based on your evaluation results.
Custom Notifications: Quickly escalate relevant evaluation results with other members of your team. Decide which members of your team you want to share results with.
Data Exports: Export your data as CSV.
OAuth Via Google: Sign into PlayVox using your Google credentials.
Customer Success and Product Training: PlayVox offers customer success and product training to all our customers in order for you to get the most out of your product!
Professional Plan  
Scale and advance your QA Process
Quality Calibration: Identify Quality Analysts outliers and 'calibrate' the team to use the same scoring standards.
Automated Workload Assignment: Simplify your workloads by automatically assigning your QAs random customer interactions for QA review.
Advanced Reporting: Generate multiple kinds of reports to access detailed analytics and easily identify areas in which your team needs to improve upon.
PlayVox Coaching: Solve and improve issues in: CX, CSAT, quality, behavior, compliance, soft skills, customer experience, among many others.
Unlimited integrations: Integrate PlayVox with multiple customer service software. Chose from our current integrations list.
OKTA, Onelogin and SAML: PlayVox integrates with Okta Cloud Connect and Onelogin for a fast and free single sign-on. No more password reset fiascos.
PlayVox Suite  
Tools for the entire agent life-cycle
With the PlayVox Suite you can: identify customer service issues by monitoring customer interactions and measuring your most important KPIs, immediately train and coach your agents to correct the issues identified, and reward or recognize your agents for their good performance.

+ PlayVox Performance 
+ PlayVox Learning
+ PlayVox Motivation