Playvox Workforce Management

Lower your operating costs and manage staffing for optimum customer experience

Better together: Playvox Agent Optimization Suite combined with agent forecasting
and scheduling powered by Agyle Time, the leader in workforce management.

Intelligently forecast, schedule and monitor your workforce in real-time.

Workstream anticipation, a no-brainer process

AI-powered automatically-generated forecasts

Real-time data and self-adjusting algorithms are used to continuously improve scheduling accuracy and reduce staffing costs. Synchronous and asynchronous workloads are seamlessly handled for omnichannel environments.

Staff scheduling headaches?
Overstaffing? No more!

Automatic, smart and efficient schedules

Receive schedule shortcoming alerts to balance staffing with desired customer experience levels.

On-the-fly workforce adjustments and optimization

Intraday management reports allows real time monitoring of your workforce

Use real time data from phone, chat, social media and ticketing platforms to monitor schedule adherence and occupancy throughout the day. Avoid over-scheduling to reduce costs and under-scheduling to maintain customer service levels.

Dashboards and knowledge optimized for modern contact centers

Optimized for agent-level tracking to help with performance management and agent engagement

Drill-down reports provide insight into key measures — punctuality, adherence, occupancy, service levels, workstreams/queues, schedule tasks, forecasts, and more.

Fast moving, innovative technology

Quick to implement. 100% cloud-based.

Playvox Workforce Management powered by Agyle Time is easy to integrate. This add-on fits organizations with 50+ seats that use modern, cloud-based contact center platforms.

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