Take your QA process to the next level

See what’s happening in real-time and drive continuous improvement by coaching.

Quality assurance process and agent training - Playvox

Monitor quality efficiently

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and have total control over your quality operations.

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Coach to get better results

Help your agents improve specific service interactions, CSAT, NPS, CX, compliance, behavior, and others.

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Centralized customer service quality assurance process - PlayVox

Your quality assurance process in a centralized and more efficient way

All customer interactions, scorecards, agent feedback and reports, in one software! And, why not run it on autopilot and make everything easier?  

Create QA forms in minutes

Create and personalize scorecards according to your evaluation criteria.

Evaluate relevant interactions

Integrate your CRM or service software and bring your customer interactions to PlayVox. Create filters and prioritize the most relevant interactions for your team.
Or use Playvox as a standalone software!

Put your QA process on autopilot

Have workloads randomly assigned every week (automatically) for your Quality Analysts while keeping track of the team’s productivity.

Give real-time feedback

Allow your agents to participate in the evaluation process with built-in collaboration, and real-time feedback within the QA evaluations.

Advanced reporting

Based on agent evaluations and customer interactions, find out what is happening in real-time. Add personalized agent dashboards and empower them to take immediate action upon this information.

Calibrate your QA team

Conduct quality calibrations, measure and identify areas for improvement to make sure your team is being consistent in their
QA evaluation process.

Customer service agent training

Drive continuous
agent improvement

Coach agents based on the identified customer
service problems, as quality is achieved by driving
continuous improvement.

Personalize all your coaching sessions

Create coaching sessions based on your team’s quality and performance results. They can be sent to one or multiple team members at once.

Create coaching templates

Based on recurring customer service problems. Tailor all sessions to your needs.

Track the progress of each session

Create interactive coaching cards with goals and dates of achievement to easily organize and keep track of all your sessions.

They have already transformed and scaled their QA process

August home customer service service - Playvox
Peddle PlayVox quality assurance customer - Playvox
Nerdwallet quality assurance with PlayVox
Atento customer service quality process - Playvox
Foodora Quality Assurance process
Nerdwallet quality assurance with PlayVox

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