The Digital Transformation: Are We Still Transforming?

For 20+ years, 5CA has always been one step ahead of customer experience and supports massive names in the industry. Since 2007, they have employed 100% work-from-home agents from 60+ countries. Providing world-class customer support has been core to 5CA since its inception, including their digital transformation initiative. 

With a goal of driving higher value with fewer front-line agents, 5CA embarked on an ambitious journey to transform the customer experience. Join Sylvia Mattl, Quality Manager at 5CA and Michelle Randall, CMO, Playvox as they discuss the evolution of customer service at the company. During this webinar, you’ll learn how 5CA:

You will learn:

  • Leveraged AI and automation to support agents and provide fast help with common FAQs
  • Recruited, employed and retained highly skilled fans of brands to cater to their tech-savvy clients 
  • Reduced time resolving escalations
  • Drove multi-channel support
  • With the help of Playvox, was able to automate big parts of the QA process

If you are looking for ways to maximize impact, this webinar is for you. Register now to discover how you can emulate 5CA’s success and spearhead your contact center’s digital transformation with tips from these trailblazers.

Your Hosts:

The Digital Transformation: Are We Still Transforming?

Michelle Randall

Chief Marketing Officer, Playvox

The Digital Transformation: Are We Still Transforming?

​​Sylvia Mattl

Quality Manager, 5CA

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