WFM: Why Spreadsheets Are So Over

Spreadsheets were positioned as optimal solutions for contact centers serving one channel of customer communication with agents that are only trained for that channel. Those days are over. Join us to discuss the top five reasons why spreadsheets are no longer an effective tool for forecasting and scheduling. We will also discuss best practices in moving away from spreadsheets and how you can easily show return on your workforce investment.

You will learn:

  • Why spreadsheets are not effective for forecasting and scheduling
  • How to evolve your business beyond spreadsheets
  • How to build a business case for a WFM solutionX

Your Hosts:

WFM: Why Spreadsheets Are So Over

Chrissy Calabrese

VP, Product Marketing

WFM: Why Spreadsheets Are So Over

Donna Lightfoot

Product Marketing Manager, WFM

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