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Call Center Quality Assurance Solutions For Tip-Top Customer Service

Great customer service requires clear guidelines and knowledgeable staff. You have to know and clearly define what you need from your agents.

But even that isn’t enough. For a variety of reasons, your agents might not deliver the customer service you need them to. So, you have to somehow monitor what they’re doing and create processes to improve.

That’s where quality assurance comes into the picture. What’s more, your quality assurance team needs the right tools and techniques to make great customer service happen. With the right call center quality assurance solutions, customer service results come much more easily, naturally, and reliably.

Here are 8 call center quality assurance solutions that can have a powerful impact.



1. Set Expectations

No matter what other call center quality assurance solutions you put into place, it’s crucial that you and everyone in the call center knows what’s expected. That means choosing the KPIs by which your call center will measure its success.

If the call center has been operating previously, you need to look for areas you can improve

Imagine what your ideal customer service would look like. Once you can visualize that, create QA goals that align with what you want to deliver.


2. Get the right software

You wouldn’t try to build a house without the right foundation. If you did, nothing would be uniform or structurally sound. In the same way, you need quality assurance tools to build a phenomenal call center. Choose the right software as an early step in your call center quality assurance solutions. Playvox quality assurance solutions helps monitor agents, personalize trainings and see progress of your KPIs over time.

Choosing the right call center QA software can help you manage KPI reports, train you team based on their individual needs, and deal with customer complaints on the forefront.

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 3. Have excellent scripts

If your agents don’t know what you want, how can they supply it? Scripts are an easy way to maintain a consistent company voice and gives agents options of how to respond depending on the query and situation.

Having thorough scripts that address as many possible solutions is a great quality assurance solution. Keep them open ended so the agent does have freedom to adapt it and make it their own.

With the proper scripts in place, you can train for quality customer service in a wide variety of situations. Your agents will have a starting point for answering common or even unusual customer questions and meeting their needs.


4. Use effective scorecards

Quality assurance scorecards are a call center quality assurance solution that allow you to see if all your agents are implementing the key elements you need to make your customer service excellent.

Subheadings might include: greeting, account verification, contact information confirmation, protocol compliance, problem solving and call handling skills, call center etiquette, and customer service quality.

You’ll want to measure how well your agents are complying with the script, closing the call, and following up, as well.

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You can use a call center scorecard templates or create one on your own. Either way, personalize them depending on the customer service department and objective.


5. Highlight what you want repeated

If you happen to record a stellar customer service call that captures all the elements in your scorecard, save it and replay it for the team. You can use it in one-on-one coaching sessions or in group training meetings. You can even play it on the call center floor to keep that learning vibe going!

When you use what you already have to its maximum benefit, you win, your agents win, and your call center most definitely wins!

Then, your agents will have more than just a theoretical understanding of what to do. They’ll have a concrete example of what you expect from them. They’ll also be reminded that great customer service is not only possible; it’s being done in their very own workplace!


6. Make sure everyone’s on board your technology

Technology is a key tool in the list of call center quality assurance solutions. Make sure everyone is recording data in the same place, taking notes in the right sections and using their tech tools to the maximum of their ability.

CRM tools, for example, are most effective when everybody is feeding and collaborating through the same system. Centralizing the information allows agents to seamlessly pick up a customer file right where the customer left off and allows management to see and measure progress at the blink of an eye.

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So keep agents in the loop as to how they need to be using your implemented software and tech tools to ensure maximum results.


7. Coach agents into customer service superstars

Anything you can do to make learning a hands-on experience creates call center quality assurance solutions that work. Coaching is the best way to connect with your agents in a real time, one on one, task-driven environment.

Transfer the knowledge required to your agents in concrete, practical ways. Examples include live calls, on-the-job demos, role-playing calls, and simply listening in on a call and giving feedback immediately.

Software like Playvox allows you to see each individual agent KPI scores and coach according to individual needs so they can focus on improving the essential. Regularly delivering personalized multimedia trainings and quizzes and following up with positive feedback is sure to create customer service superstars.

Don’t be that call center manager that stays hidden from view until you’re ready to fire an agent. Instead, stay actively involved whenever you can. By interacting with your agents through live coaching, agents will be given the chance to be their best self.


8. Stay on top of call monitoring

Call monitoring has to be a way of life in any successful call center. Call monitoring, in fact, is one of the most crucial of all the call center quality assurance solutions. By listening to calls, you have opportunities to assess the work your agents.

In addition, call monitoring allows you to make the most of training sessions. You know what’s being done and where your agents have room for improvement. By paying attention to what’s going on in your call center through call monitoring, you’ll be able to pinpoint examples to highlight in your next coaching and feedback sessions.

Most call centers need a variety of tools in their tool belt. Use as many different solutions as you need to find the path to great customer service.

Which call center quality assurance solutions have worked the best for you?


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