Uncover New Customer Insights with Customer AI Customer Service AI

Uncover New Customer Insights with Customer AI

Across business functions, the contact center has undergone more dramatic change than most during the past two years. Customers have flocked to service and support channels for all sorts of reasons, and the pandemic has only exacerbated fluctuations in volume, the need for accurate forecasting, and the competition for highly qualified agents.

The macrotrends of staffing pressures, flagging loyalty, and omnichannel service are driving the demand for new solutions that help alleviate blind spots and uncover customer insights to the benefit of service teams as well as product, IT, marketing, and sales. 

In this environment, contact center leaders and their teams have consistently sought out vendors that provide agent-centric solutions to improve quality and workforce management. What’s more, customer service and support organizations around the globe are increasingly investing in AI solutions to generate efficiencies and improve outcomes. But historically, AI initiatives were only available to the largest organizations with big budgets and dedicated analysts or teams of data scientists and PhDs.

This is why Playvox recently acquired London-based Prodsight, a rapidly growing customer service AI solution with sentiment analysis, AI-driven text analytics from interactions and survey feedback, and automated ticket tagging.  Prodsight equips service and support organizations of every size with the power of AI, but makes it available for all.  

If you lead a customer service team, chances are you have questions – and your peers from other departments have questions – about what makes your customers tick and how to make things better.  Prodsight puts all the answers you need about why customers are reaching out, why they’re leaving, what they love, what they hate, and how often certain topics come up, just to name a few – right at your fingertips! With Prodsight, you’ll have an answer for that. And equipped with all the answers, service operations soon becomes the MVP of the organization, able to provide the customer insights the product, engineering, marketing, and sales teams all crave.

Prodsight’s customers use AI-driven customer interaction analytics that are built for commonly-used platforms like Zendesk, intuitive to use, and start delivering value out of the box. Prodsight may use artificial intelligence, but it’s definitely built for real customer support operations. 

By combining Prodsight’s technology with the Playvox workforce engagement management platform, Playvox Customer AI enables our customers to:

  • Automatically tag their Zendesk tickets, saving time, effort and inaccuracies
  • Target Quality Assurance reviews based on high-value interactions, such as those where customers are leaving or those about a newly-launched product
  • Discover product gaps that are generating negative customer experiences, so that product management teams know where to prioritize efforts
  • Share data internally to improve business processes to address the highest source of customer frustration or excess costs, such as self-service failures

The newest Playvox solution, powered by Prodsight, uncovers actionable customer insights by analyzing feedback from your digital interactions. We call it Customer AI. You’ll call it your new secret sauce.

How to Use AI in Customer Service

As our customers adopt AI and roll it out across their contact centers, they can unlock the power of the voice of all customers who contact their service and support teams, using those insights to improve staffing, quality, and performance. They can also elevate the value and impact of their QA teams by bringing insights to their product, IT, marketing, and sales organizations. And they can analyze 100 percent of customer interactions, surveys and tickets for a complete view of feedback that goes beyond the traditional small sampling percentage evaluated. Customer AI gives them the ability to track sentiment in one place so they can address issues as early as possible.

Today’s contact centers need customer service AI that is:

Relevant. Purpose-built for customer service use cases, so you get exactly what you need, built with you in mind, including out of box integrations with top service platforms like Zendesk™.

Responsible. Targeted, trusted, and proven use cases focused on insights and sentiment, not risky open-ended data projects. AI with purpose, built not to replace or exploit, but to enhance human connections.

Relatable. Designed for business users, not data scientists, so you start seeing value in days, not months–no coding or math required. Enterprise-class AI insights, accessible to companies of any size.

Customer AI offers actionable customer sentiment analysis in a variety of ways.

  1. It automatically measures the sentiment of each customer interaction and identifies negative experiences.
  2. It automatically analyzes sentiment across all channels. You can track sentiment in support tickets, online reviews, NPS, surveys, and all other customer feedback in one place.
  3. It automatically categorizes feedback into product, service, billing, and other issues.
  4. It learns over time to become more accurate.
  5. When translation is enabled, our customer service AI solution detects the language of a message and translates it to English.
  6. It analyzes messages in terms of sentiment, user intent and maps it to topics you’ve customized.

Welcome to advanced AI-driven customer feedback and sentiment analysis. Learn more here or request a demo today!

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