Creditas Partners with Playvox: Revolutionizing Workforce Management and Achieving Remarkable Results

Creditas Partners with Playvox: Revolutionizing Workforce Management and Achieving Remarkable Results


  • Adherence, punctuality, shrinkage, and productive tasks were manual and not tracked
  • Reduce the time spent on schedule generation


  • Improved schedule adherence by 16%
  • Increased agent punctuality by 25%
  • Upgraded leave management
  • Enhanced operational visibility into opportunities and KPIs


When Creditas first engaged with Playvox, they encountered a myriad of intricate challenges deeply embedded within their operational framework. Their reliance on manual tracking systems, devoid of any real-time visibility capabilities, underscored the profound complexity of their operational landscape. This deficiency in modern monitoring tools left Creditas grappling with a multitude of pressing issues that reverberated across their entire organizational spectrum.

One of the primary challenges faced by Creditas was ensuring adherence to schedules amidst the dynamic demands of their operations. Without real-time insights into employee activities, maintaining consistency and alignment with predetermined schedules proved to be a formidable task. This lack of visibility not only hindered the organization’s ability to optimize resource allocation but also compromised its responsiveness to fluctuating demand patterns.

Moreover, the punctuality of staff emerged as a critical concern for Creditas. With manual tracking systems unable to provide timely feedback on employee attendance and timeliness, the organization struggled to uphold standards of punctuality essential for seamless workflow management. This not only disrupted operational continuity but also undermined employee morale and overall productivity.

Creditas also struggled to effectively manage shrinkage – the unaccounted time lost due to factors such as breaks, idle time, or non-productive activities. Without real-time insights into workforce activities, identifying and mitigating instances of shrinkage proved to be a daunting endeavor, further exacerbating operational inefficiencies and resource wastage.

The lack of streamlined monitoring and oversight significantly hampered Creditas’s efforts to optimize production efficiency. Without access to real-time performance data and analytics, the organization struggled to identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and areas ripe for improvement within their production processes. This hindered their ability to adapt swiftly to evolving market dynamics and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

Overall, the absence of modern, technology-driven solutions for workforce management severely impeded Creditas’s ability to maintain optimal performance levels across various facets of their operations. It underscored the urgent need for a comprehensive and integrated approach to monitoring, tracking, and optimizing workforce activities – a need that Playvox’s innovative solutions were poised to address.


Playvox Workforce Management represents a comprehensive solution tailored to meet the multifaceted needs of Creditas’s operational ecosystem. By harnessing the power of cutting-edge real-time tracking functions, Playvox empowers Creditas to capture and monitor workforce activities as they unfold, providing instantaneous insights into employee performance and operational dynamics.

Through sophisticated charting capabilities, Playvox transforms raw data into visually intuitive representations, enabling Creditas to delve deep into the intricacies of their operational metrics. These charts not only offer a snapshot of current performance but also facilitate trend analysis and pattern recognition, allowing Creditas to identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement with unparalleled precision.

Playvox equips Creditas with a robust reporting infrastructure, enabling the generation of customized reports tailored to specific business objectives and key performance indicators. These reports offer a holistic view of workforce performance, enabling Creditas to extract actionable insights and drive informed decision-making at every level of the organization.

Playvox also streamlined the evaluation process through automated distribution mechanisms across multiple communication channels. Whether through email, chat platforms, or integrated systems, Playvox ensures that performance evaluations are disseminated swiftly and consistently, fostering a culture of transparency, accountability, and continuous improvement within Creditas’s workforce.

Overall, Playvox Workforce Management serves as a cornerstone of Creditas’s operational excellence strategy, providing the tools and insights necessary to optimize performance, maximize productivity, and drive sustainable growth in today’s dynamic business landscape.


The 16% increase in adherence signifies a substantial improvement in employees’ adherence to schedules and protocols set by Creditas. Employees are more consistently meeting their assigned tasks and responsibilities within the specified time frames. As a result, there is likely greater consistency in service delivery, reduced instances of missed deadlines or targets, and overall smoother workflow operations. This boost in adherence not only reflects positively on individual employees’ discipline and commitment but also contributes to the organization’s overall productivity and efficiency.

With a 25% increase in punctuality, Creditas experienced improved timeliness among its workforce. Employees are arriving at work or meetings on time with greater frequency, fostering a culture of reliability and professionalism within the organization. Improved punctuality leads to smoother transitions between tasks, reduces disruptions to workflow, and enhances overall team coordination. Additionally, punctual employees are better positioned to maximize their productivity throughout the day, ensuring that critical tasks are addressed promptly and efficiently.

The implementation of better leave management and visibility practices signifies an advancement in how Creditas handles employee absences and time-off requests. This improvement involved the streamlining of leave approval processes, enhanced communication regarding available leave balances, and clearer visibility into team members’ schedules. 

As a result, employees can plan their time off more effectively, reducing conflicts and ensuring adequate coverage during periods of absence. Enhanced visibility into leave management benefits both employees and managers, fostering transparency and trust within the organization while minimizing disruptions to workflow caused by unexpected absences.

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Creditas Partners with Playvox: Revolutionizing Workforce Management and Achieving Remarkable Results

“Playvox helped us a lot to identify our operational opportunities, giving us tools to track our agents shifts and give more accurate feedback. Also, we started to track metrics that we didn’t before, such as adherence and punctuality, furthermore we managed to decrease our leave rate mainly because we started to organize and follow it easily with Playvox’s leave management page.”

“Playvox is a very important partner for us at Creditas. They follow us very closely, understanding our business challenges, and matching them with our CX Operational opportunities. By that, we can be accurate by using our metrics and results for making strategic decisions. They are also a very important partner in a day role. Helping us with very fast and close responses, making the operational management easier.”

Eloar Crepalde | Customer Experience Manager

Creditas Partners with Playvox: Revolutionizing Workforce Management and Achieving Remarkable Results

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Creditas Partners with Playvox: Revolutionizing Workforce Management and Achieving Remarkable Results
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