Crafting Your Workforce Engagement Management Soundtrack workforce engagement

Crafting Your Workforce Engagement Management Soundtrack

What songs would you include if you had the chance to create the soundtrack of your workforce engagement management (WEM) experience? We surveyed our Playvox experts, and our soundtrack will be a crossover party playing all the musical fields, from classical jazz to rock. Discover how your workforce engagement management band can perform better with great melodies and more record-breaking songs designed to resolve your contact center challenges. Also, if you are looking for financial tips for your WEM rock band, look at some classic hits that are here to stay when considering managing costs by getting your staffing right. Read our latest blog and let the music play!

Eye of the Tiger

Having the right team will help you amaze your audience. Well-trained talents adapt to various challenges in every scenario, and like hearing the eye of the tiger while climbing the highest stairs, keeping your band energized will also delight your fans and customers.

We are the Champions

Recognize your team efforts and work together to improve your wins. Whether you are ready to hit the road and start your tour, it takes a team and collective effort to sell all your hits. Recognition is vital and will keep your band steady and ready for the next tour! 

It’s Crowded Here 

Musicians discuss how many hours they have for rehearsals and encourage side hustles and activities where they can invest more time into creating to feel productive and energized. When it comes to your agents, improving scheduling and flexible hours and examining the agent’s idle time (or agent available time) for clues that agents have excessive downtime is essential to enhance your key performance indicators (KPIs).

Every Day is a Winding Road

The costs of understaffing your workforce engagement management band lead to talent burnout and disengagement, which will show in how they perform for their audience. Review your long-term plan, the requirements of your next venue, how you can wow your customers, and how to balance the hectic times of a busy agenda on the road. 

Taking Care of Business

Songwriters crafting catchy and memorable melodies find their creativity and engagement working in the right setting with the right people and tools. Their background and skills will help your talents hit the note and inspire them to more record-breaking songs. 

Please Don’t Go

Best-selling musicians, well-versed talents, and experienced artists are critical to any music band. How they invest time refining their skills, improving their abilities, and learning from others are highly valued and impact your tour dates and concerts. The same will happen in your contact center team, and attrition affects real people with goals and personal lives, leaving a broader impact on your current staff.  

Are We AI-Ready? 

With the power of generative artificial intelligence, your best human capabilities will reach a new level, automatizing new beats or adding a new set of instruments. This will allow you to invest time in new and improved inventions as you build a plan to leverage AI for your WEM band. Seek and incorporate your team’s feedback. Which tedious tasks could AI help eliminate or reduce? How can AI tools help you understand your audience and sell more?

What songs would you include in your workforce engagement management soundtrack? Learn how to succeed with your WEM music band and explore additional resources on How to Manage Contact Center Costs by Getting Staffing Right.

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