3 Key Topics Discussed at the Channel Partners Conference

3 Key Topics Discussed at the Channel Partners Conference

Last week was the Channel Partners Conference and Expo (CPC) in Las Vegas and the 25th anniversary of this event did not disappoint. In fact, the bright lights and neon that are the hallmarks of Las Vegas were an appropriate backdrop for this year’s conference. The mood among exhibitors and attendees could only be described as “electric.” 

The energy was palpable throughout the expo, in breakout sessions, and at well-attended networking and social events. The show floor was busy. The hallways had a constant flow of people. And the full coffee shops and restaurants buzzed with animated conversations and laughter.

While the Las Vegas reputation for late nights and over-indulging remained intact, CPC attendees came to work. They had full agendas, questions to be answered, and specific goals for the conference that went beyond just having a good time. 

The past two years have been hard on most of us, but CPC attendees were optimistic, inquisitive, focused, and engaged. There was a genuine feeling that people were really glad to be meeting in-person. We shook hands, greeted each other with broad smiles, and exchanged hugs with friends and former colleagues. CPC attendees seem to underscore a theme most of us have felt – that we crave human connection, and we’ve really missed it!

I had a lot of engaging conversations during the event with people from all parts of the world. During these talks, three key topics seemed to be on the minds of those in the contact center industry.

1. Remote Work – or a Version of – is Here to Stay

Many of us in the technology industry have long worked on the road or from a home office. In the past two years, though, more companies have seen and experienced the advantages of the “work is something we do, not a place we go” attitude. While we don’t know how many companies will ultimately stay 100% remote, the sentiment at CPC was that the flexibility of working remotely at least part of the time will be a permanent theme for the future.

3 Key Topics Discussed at the Channel Partners Conference

2. Driving Toward Digital Transformation 

As companies were forced to close offices and move to remote work models, their contact centers became the company face – sometimes overnight. 

This shift drove explosive growth in the number of contact center agents needed by companies. It also sped the rate of digital transformation and broke many of the existing – usually manual – processes that previously worked.

Even as companies return to normal, their business models are permanently changed. And at CPC, most seem to agree that there’s no going back. Companies need advanced technology and AI-powered software to help monitor, automate, forecast, and manage their contact centers so that their agents can continue to deliver world-class customer experiences.

3.  Collaboration + Innovation = Success

Whether it’s technology vendors collaborating to create incremental value, service organizations working together to deliver combined offerings, or consultants, agents, and value-added resellers expanding their portfolio of products and solutions, the message is clear: Don’t go it alone. Collaborate, innovate, and succeed.

Our Path Forward – Together

Some conferences can feel like a chore, but attending CPC felt more like a privilege. The electric feeling and palpable energy were complemented by a renewed sense of appreciation. We’re grateful to meet in-person again. We enjoy having a drink or dinner together and building relationships. We remember the benefit of simply walking across a room to pull a partner into a conversation. 

The Playvox team is committed to carrying forward this renewed sense of energy and appreciation. And like the neon that lit up the Las Vegas skyline, we look forward to seeing our industry, our partners and our clients, continue to shine.

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