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How To Build Your Brand Voice to Increase Sales

Could your clients tell you apart if you removed your brand logo?

Defining and creating the right brand voice takes time and consistency. Only by developing your methods will you develop a character and brand that will set you apart.
The other day, I was watching an Ellen DeGeneres episode where she sends Kevin, one of her employees to act as a cashier in disguise in popular consumer stores. She tells him absurd things to say to the store’s customers through a mic inside his ear. And believe it or not, faithful fans of the Ellen show were able to guess that this was Ellen’s doing. Now that is true knowledge of how to rock an amazing and distinctive brand voice.

It’s up to do the same with your brand. Sure you may not have as many fans, but whatever size community of followers you have can become even more loyal if you acquire a distinct brand voice.

Don’t know where to start? Let’s review the basics for establishing a brand voice that will create loyal followers and advocates and help you increase your sales.


Define your personality

Think about three words that describe your brand and what you stand for.

Then think about your clientele. What kind of relationship do you want to create? Are you their friend, teacher, therapist, or advisor?

To make is easier, imagine that you had one spokesperson in charge of handling all your client relationships.

  • What’s their demographic?
  • What’s their personality like?

Build an imaginary person who would most appeal to your customers. 

Sit down with your team and brainstorm what defines you, your tone and your relationship with your clients. Your product or service doesn’t have to be exciting or innovative for you to have a great brand voice. It’s all about how you want to project yourself. The more emotion you are able to evoke from your clients, the better!

Benchmark the competition

Surely there are other companies offering similar products and services. Take a look at how they are communicating with their customers and how your business can have an edge over them.

Maybe they’ve already established an awesome brand voice. This doesn’t mean you should take on the same tone. Instead, use a different image, try different colors, and adopt new colloquialisms that the competition isn’t using.

Define the ‘how’

After you’ve gained a good idea of how you will communicate to your customers, it’s time to put it down into paper so that your entire organization can develop the same uniform voice.

Define examples of things your company says and doesn’t say. Colors, expressions, emoticons, and attitude are factors that are easy to communicate to employees which they can replicate when they are in contact with clients.

Try it out

Don’t go rushing out the door just yet. Unleashing the new you to the public is risky without testing it first. Take a small batch of customers that are representative of your client demographic and present your new brand image and voice to get their feedback.

How did they react to the new look and feel of your brand? Are they iffy about it or are they loving? Take good notes of their comments and see if you can spot trends and a common denominator.

Should you tweak some more, start all over again or are you good to go?

Introduce yourself all over again

Announce yourself first and let the public know that they can expect to see some changes. Explain why you’ve decided to modify this and that and what changes clients can expect to see.

Your new brand voice should reflect in the look and feel of your company, colors, logo, and basically everything that touches your customers. It should be consistent with your company’s vision and mission.

Of course, this is not about redecorating because you got bored with the decor and it went out of style. Never change something good that already works. Doing so could potentially backfire.


The main goal of developing a new brand voice serves to adapt a company’s strategy to the dynamic market in order to create deeper relationships with ever-evolving customers.

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