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5 Easy Methods To Optimize Your Quality Assurance Program For Productivity

Optimizing your quality assurance program so you can gain better visibility on just how well your team is a big step towards scaling your organization fast while maintaining the same great quality as you first did at the very beginning.

Optimizing your QA program also allows you to pinpoint areas of improvement so you can focus on training and coaching to optimize performance.

But optimizing your QA program doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. With these 5 quick and easy methods, here’s how you can easily boost your productivity


1. Get real-time agent data

Optimize your quality assurance program to get data in real-time. Getting information on your agents in real-time allows you to get visibility on their performance fix mistakes without waiting for data be analyzed once every 3 to 6 months.

Real-time data also allows you to see agent trends and performance right away. Maybe you’ll notice that the same mistakes are being performed by more than one agents. Or the same agent is repeatedly overachieving or underperforming in a certain area.

Use real-time date to your advantage and make it an opportunity to coach your team entire team and brush up on their skills.

But getting real-time information isn’t just about fixing mistakes. It can also be used to reward a job well done. Rewarding immediately and constantly is a great way to increase productivity in the day-to-day. Constant reaffirmation of good work can be a great motivator and anincentive for agents to keep on doing more of the same.

2. Improve reporting tools

A large part of running a successful quality assurance program has to do with gathering data and analysis.

If you have or still are using Excel spreadsheets, you know the pain of having to analyze data from several spreadsheets and tabs and trying to pull valuable information and reports of interest.

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Save time, and optimize your quality assurance program by centralizing all your data on the same interface. Centralizing your information allows you to not only save time on operational tasks, it’ll give you a greater overview so you can quickly analyze key information in order to take immediate action.

You can even go a step further and use a quality assurance program software such as Playvox which handles the reporting and data collection for you. Presenting easy to analyze and user-friendly reports based on individual agent performance, trend by score, and areas and opportunities for coaching, now you can shift your focus to improving and training your team.

3. Ban spreadsheets

Optimizing your quality assurance program isn’t just about what you do, it’s also about what you don’t do. Part of optimizing your QA program includes letting go of spreadsheets and opting for more integrated tools.

Say goodbye to the endless tabs of metrics and KPIs. Not only are they difficult to analyze and make sense of, they also leave room for lost or missing information.

If you’re using spreadsheets, you’re probably sharing them with other colleagues so everyone can check or update their part. And perhaps every now and then, someone forgets to press save, or they deleted someone else’s input.

Reduce human error and adopt an integrated platform that can automatically collect metrics all in one place.

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4. Train and coach constantly

A large part of quality assurance consists of monitoring, but even greater chunk of your quality assurance program should be training and coaching.

QA shouldn’t be about setting your agents aside to let them know that they’re not meeting the goals and that they need to get with it.

Optimizing your quality assurance program through coaching and training means establishing a clear step-by-step process of how to improve.

Hold periodic training sessions with engaging with material to help your agents succeed. Setting short term and long term goals to achieve metrics agreed-upon are also a great way to motivate and increase productivity.

Work with your team to provide positive and measurable feedback that they can use to grow and progress in their determined career path.

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5. Establish clear goals and rewards

Your 4-day vacation to Hawaii reward is no good if it seems almost impossible to get to.

Nonetheless, rewards and prices are essential for a productive and optimized quality insurance program.

Define standards of metrics of success in order for your team be able to achieve their goals and be rewarded for it.

At Playvox, our customers particularly love our Karma store, where agents can select their rewards based on points accumulation.

Having a quality insurance program is the first step to scaling successfully. However, optimizing your QA is key to the success of your organization in the long term.

What steps have you taken to optimize your quality assurance program?

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