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6 Proven Methods to Creating Customer Connections with Chat and SMS

As unlikely as it may seem, creating customer connections can also be done via SMS and chat. According to a study on virtual relationships, people foster connections faster through virtual communication like SMS because they are not distracted by superficial distractions.

For call center agents to form deeper relationships with customers, they need to dig deep and figure out what the customer really wants. In order to do so, agents must understand how customers think and feel. From there, they can start crafting messages to build an emotional bond to keep them loyal and turn them into advocates.

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1. Practice empathy in all your text communications

The first step in creating a connection with your customers is to practice empathy. Your customers want to feel validated and that you understand what they want.

To make sure your text or instant messages are empathic and are playing into your client’s needs, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do our customer think when they see our messages and how does it make them feel?
  • Does our message invoke a need within our customers to complete an action?

It’s also helpful to brush up on specific words to use in your text or instant messaging. Coschedule, a content management tool, has a list of over 500 words you can use to engage a variety of emotions.

Use phrases like:

  • “I appreciate your patience.”
  • “I see you have been a customer of ours for X years/months. That’s a long time!”
  • “If I were in your position, I’d feel the same way too.”
  • “Is there anything else, big or small, I can help you with today?”
  • “What can I do to make your experience with us better?”

By using emotional language that evokes empathy, your customers will start to feel like you understand them and an emotional connection will be formed.

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2. Greet your customers with a warm welcoming

When a customer opts in to receive text messages from your call center, make sure you welcome them with open arms. Send them a welcome response to let them know that they are in the right place and you look forward to helping them.

You only get one chance at making a good first impression so make this initial message count.

Capture their attention to build a connection right away and don’t forget to end with an engaging message to encourage your clients to either continue browsing or insert a link that they might find helpful.

For example: “Welcome to {Company Name}! Thank you for making an appointment to see us. Your details are as follows: 12 Willow Street, 12:pm on 14th March 2017. We look forward to meeting you! If you have any questions in the meantime please feel free to contact us on 060 123 1212 or browse our FAQ section.”

3. Celebrate your customer’s life events

Another easy way to form a connection with your customers is to celebrate their birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. If you’re selling life insurance and the main member has children, send them a message on their child’s birthday with along a coupon of interest.


Or if it’s the customers anniversary as a client, let them know you appreciate their continued business with a freebie. You could even offer bigger rewards for customers that have been around for five, ten or even twenty years.

4. Educate your customers

Depending on the product you are selling, you could set up a chain of educational texts to inform customers about a particular topic that is relevant to the problem you are trying to solve.

You want to nurture your customers and you want them to be knowledgeable. As a result, these little educational texts are an excellent way to make them feel special while positioning yourself as an industry thought leader and a source of valuable information.

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5. Help your customers out by sending reminder texts

We all lead busy lives and forgetting about an appointment happens to even the best of us. Help your customers out by sending out a reminder text messages.

If your business model doesn’t use appointments, you could use this type of text message to remind users to renew their policies, upgrade their cellphone contracts or to remind them that their premium is increasing in the next month or week.

Doing so will help them avoid missing out or getting cut off, puts you top of mind, and could potentially help you close sales.

6. Send a text when a customer visits your FAQ page

The first place customers visit when they are on a web page and have questions is the FAQ page. By setting up a rule that asks visitors on that page if they need help, call center staff can engage proactively and contribute to solving customers’ problems. It is a great way to dazzle them with exceptional customer service and help them move down the customer journey and close the sale.


With careful planning and training, your agents can begin creating customer connections through chat and SMS. Once you begin to practice effective empathy techniques, use emotive language, and become a part of your customer’s life, your agents will be better equipped to tap into the customer’s hearts and minds and craft an unforgettable customer experience.

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