8 Things You Need to Know Before You Gamify your Call Center

8 Things You Need to Know Before You Gamify your Call Center


If you’re thinking of applying Gamification to improve your Call Center performance, you should be aware that gamification is just a small step in the long journey to make your agents more productive and engaged within your company.

I’d like to share what I’ve learned about Gamification from building Playvox.

My co-founder and I started Playvox with the initial idea to gamify call centers, but we quickly realized that only applying gamification techniques were not enough to build a successful high performance Contact Center operation.

8 Things You Need to Know Before You Gamify your Call Center


Here are 8 important things to know before you decide to gamify your Call Center operation.

1. Have a purpose and clear objective: 

Start by asking yourself: ‘’Why do I want to gamify my call center?’’. ‘’What’s the main problem I’d like to solve or the opportunity I want to accomplish?’’. Simply adding gamification because it’s trendy or cool is not something I’d recommend. Take the time to formulate the challenge and get your team involved in the processes to identify processes or KPIs you want to impact.

2. Understand your people: 

Understanding who is the agent who is taking care of your customers or selling to them is a key element to success. You have to know what motivates them, what music they like, their profession – I was surprised by the diversity you can find in a call center – from people who are photographers, nurses to actors.

Like great marketers who understand their audiences, great managers should spend time understanding how to sell or persuade their teams. If you can’t get your message across in the tone or in the way your team can understand, you will fail. Make a list of your agents current behaviours and brainstorm ideas in how you can change that.

3. Track the right metrics:

It’s common to see call center managers tracking tons of metrics making the operation too complex and metrics difficult to understand by the supervisors and agents. Focus on 3 to 4 metrics that really matter.

4. Have processes already in place:

Processes first, gamify second. Gamification is useless if you don’t have a process to gamify. It’s like running a horse race without a horse.

5. Call Center Software or a CRM tool: 

Real-time data is crucial for successful call center gamification deployment. The faster agents get feedback and insights about their performance the faster they can improve and act on it. Having call center and CRM software that allows your company to easily connect with 3rd party apps increases the chances of success and makes it easier and faster to deploy and maintain.

6. Company values and culture:

Culture driven companies with strong values as a foundation are more likely to have happier and engaged employees. Building a high performance sales or service call center organization requires investing heavily in people, building better processes to measure their performance and bringing meritocracy and transparency are fundamentally valuable for agent morale and motivation in the long term.

7. Choosing the right platform:

There are two big players in the Gamification arena right now: Bunchball and Badgeville. Both are great companies that I admire and respect, but driving real sales and customer service performance requires more than a gamification consultant. While one of numerous markets served by Bunchball is contact center, it is the sole focus of attention for Playvox.

8. Focus on the long term.

Cultivating a high performance culture is something you have to build day to day. Call Centers is not a technology business, it’s a people intensive business that requires a lot of leadership, psychology and management skills to be successful. Data helps you know how your team is performing and processes helps you guide your people to act in different scenarios.

Don’t forget about your Supervisors, Trainers, Coordinators and Quality Managers. Think about how you can make their lives easier. Provide them with data they can act on and make them part of the project.
People, Data and Processes are key elements in every contact center. At Playvox we decided to integrate these elements to create a product that is 100% call center focused.

Contact me at oscar@playvox.com to learn more.


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