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Examples of Excellent Customer Service and How to Do the Same

Every single company we know out there claims that customers are their top priority, and everything revolves around their clients. Yet, how many do we know actually live by this rule?

Outstanding customer service is not only for expensive products and services. No matter how small, every customer is entitled to top notch service.

We’ve all heard those incredible stories of above and beyond customer service where brands respond personally to individual customers, surprise their customers in times of hardship and basically act like their best friends.

Yet personally, it’s easier to recall customer service horror stories than incredible ones.

We decided to ask a few people to share inspiring examples of excellent customer service that they’ve experienced. Not only are they fantastic but they are extremely easy to replicate. Who said it had to be hard?


Anticipating the next move

Susan (Mommy Blogger, Colorado)

I’m not a techie but I bought a social media bot service to promote my website. I wrote to the company because I was not able to perform a certain task and Alex from their support community wrote back telling me that he had taken a look at the backend of my website and that the system I was using did not coincide with their program, but that I should contact my hosting company because they could probably change it.

I really appreciated the fact that he had taken the time to see what was truly the matter instead of giving me a generic non-relevant answer.

How to apply it:
Anticipate a customer’s questions and research their case before responding. Don’t respond for the sake of responding with links to your company’s forums which you think would be helpful (which usually aren’t). The customer wants to interact with a human, not a computer.

Something just for you

Thomas (Foodie, Florida)
There was an ice cream shop that just opened in a not so busy area close to my home and during the first month they opened, every time a customer walked through the door, all the employees would sing for each person. It was so welcoming that despite its not so great location, the ice cream store was constantly filled to the brim. It was a great feeling to receive such a special welcome for buying something as simple as an ice cream.

How to apply it:
Make your customers feel special. Even if you’re doing it with all other customers, give them that extra something that will make them smile. Whether it’s calling them ‘rockstar’ or telling them they’re awesome, making them feel unique is a sure bet to win them over. 

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Adding a human touch

Karen (Stay-at-home mom, Arizona)
One time I was grocery shopping when halfway through my list, I realized I had forgotten my wallet at home. I approached the cashier and explained my situation, who then told me not to worry and that I could finish doing my groceries and he would bring them to my home along with the credit card processor so I could pay by card back home.

I was grateful that I didn’t have to make the trip home to pick up my wallet and as I didn’t have enough cash to pay, was super happy he brought along the credit card processor. It’s definitely not something you see every day!

How to apply it:
The individual of the company broke away from procedures to accommodate a customer’s needs. Even if procedures are in place, don’t be afraid to add a human touch and see if you can go beyond your day to day tasks to make a customer happy.

Throw in a little extra

Jeremy (Writer, California)
The first time I rented an apartment on AirBnb in Europe, a lovely young lady welcomed me into her apartment and handed me the keys. After she showed me the amenities, she went on to tell me that she had bought a few basic ingredients so I could make my own breakfast in the morning. I was won over by the small attention and it made by stay just that much nicer.

How to apply it:
When you have a long-time customer, or a customer that gets a premium service, feel free to show them your gratitude by offering them a special attention or discount, add-on service, etc. If they a huge asset to your company, take them out to lunch, send flowers on their birthdays and gift baskets on Christmas. It’s a small cost that can bring lifetime business and positive word of mouth.

You don’t have to fly cross-country for incredible customer service. However, you should give your customer success managers and agents the liberty to provide experiences that stand out and that won’t easily be forgotten. Adding a touch of human warmth is sometimes what can make all the difference.

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