Customer Experience

BPOs: Giving Clients a Window into Service Quality

48% of BPOs report their number one concern as “providing a better customer experience”. This is due in large part to the heightened competition for customer service outsourcing contracts. What’s more, “20% of companies in 2019 reported they plan to bring customer care back in-house because it’s becoming a core competency.”

This should be concerning to business process outsourcers, because this all means that BPOs need new ways to differentiate themselves, now more than ever. The primary area of focus for most outsourcers is of course service quality. The second can vary from one provider to the next. However, a new strategy for consideration focuses on granting your clients real performance visibility so they can monitor how well the agents working on their behalf are servicing their own customers.

A step or two removed from the end user, companies who outsource their customer service want to feel connected, at least as much as possible. Therefore, enterprises are typically quite interested in monitoring customer service performance levels, and the more visibility a BPO can provide, the better.

With the right agent optimization tools in place, BPOs can provide real-time, quantifiable performance KPIs to their clients across three areas:

  • Agent Performance – tracking KPIs like AHT, CSAT and FCR and providing visibility to this performance measurement enables BPOs to demonstrate the level of service agents are providing to customers
  • Training/Coaching – tracking KPIs like ‘number of hours of training delivered’, ‘number of courses developed’, and ‘number of employees enrolled’ demonstrate the BPO’s commitment to continual performance improvement
  • Performance and Learning Improvement – tracking metrics such as ‘percentage of agents that have successfully completed the entire training course’ and “average test score” demonstrate the effectiveness of the BPO’s quality/training program over time

Regardless of how your BPO organization measures quality, performance, customer satisfaction and e-learning, it’s equally important to create a mechanism for sharing your metrics with your clients. This ongoing performance visibility enables your teams to demonstrate its service excellence, thereby distinguishing your business from the competition. With the ever-increasing competition for new contracts, now is the time to beat your own chest and show what you are capable of. No more holding back.

Inspiring Excellence

In addition to demonstrating your service excellence to your clients, another way you can differentiate yourself from other BPOs is to give your clients visibility into your agent motivation program. Show them the specifics of your staff rewards and recognition program. Give them access to your company store to show them the exciting prizes and gifts you offer your agents in exchange for stellar results. Share the various electronic badges you award to your staff for a job well done. Send them screen shots of your social community wall so they can see all the agents that are being recognized for quality work.

Many of your BPO competitors may not be doing these things. Therefore, giving your clients a window into these facets of your service operation is sure to make you stand out from other providers as you strive to land new business. They will surely appreciate the access you’re giving them into the inner-workings of your business and how much your organization and culture focuses on quality performance.


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