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Improve Your Customer Service and Experience with PlayVox

Customers are demanding now more than ever. We live in a world that is a slave to the “we want it now” culture and customer service support centers that refuse to adapt are being left in the dust.


If you are looking for a proactive approach to improving your customer service, it starts with investing in the right software. Statistics show that the cost of bad service can be significant and call centers that want to be successful need to be able deliver the exceptional customer experience that is expected of them.

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Going beyond monitoring, PlayVox customer support software gives call center managers the tools to manage staff and provide them with detailed insights into each and every customer interaction. With this data, customer service is able to monitor quality standards and improve their interactions in order to create a more positive customer experience.


What is PlayVox?

PlayVox is a customer service monitoring software designed to help businesses deliver an exceptional customer experience. PlayVox software allows you to monitor your customer service interactions while providing real-time feedback and reporting.

With PlayVox you can coach, train and motivate your employees to give your clients outstanding service across multiple communication channels.

What are the benefits of PlayVox?

  1. Intuitive Learning

Performance management is an integral part of a successful call center. However, too often managers have to develop, train and assess agents on numerous platforms and software.

PlayVox’s unique training tools identifies areas of improvement in real-time and provides managers the flexibility to create customizable courses.

Another feature of the software is real-time customer to agent feedback. Agents don’t have to wait months for their evaluation to know how they are doing thanks to the real-time feedback they receive from their customers after they complete an interaction. This lets managers give more accurate evaluations and set dynamic goals without having to wait around and analyze the huge amount of data generated from all the interactions.

As a result, having tailored training and a real-time feedback system creates skilled call center agents who are able to respond faster to queries and provide a higher quality of customer service.


2. Skill development

An excellent development program helps employees address weaknesses, improve their performance and motivate  employees by creating a work environment that offers career growth.


With PlayVox’s intuitive training platform, you can seamlessly introduce skill development into your call center. Our platform allows you to evaluate customer’s interactions by creating scorecards while simultaneously providing feedback and identifying areas for improvement.


Through the PlayVox platform, managers can also create personalized coaching sessions and easily generate detailed performance reports to better view individual and team progress.


By creating an environment with ongoing feedback, staff can naturally and continuously improve little by little. You will have a team of highly skilled agents who can deliver exceptional service because they are aware of their strengths and weaknesses.


3. Team Motivation

Most people would agree that there is a direct correlation between agent satisfaction and call center productivity. However, call centers are also notorious for their high-stress environments, and it can become difficult to motivate a workforce in these conditions.


To address this issue, PlayVox created Karma Points, a point system for friendly competition. Points can be earned for various tasks and later cashed in for prizes. Gamifying work tasks not only help boost employee morale but also let managers give recognition where it is deserved.


It is an excellent way to transform your employees into an engaged community, committed to providing excellent customer service.


4. Increase Sales

These days customers have high user experience expectations. If you are using an outdated system that is mind-numbing slow and challenging for your agents to use, you will start bleeding customers.


By investing in call center tech like PlayVox, you can focus on sales efficiency and solve the day-to-day challenges in your call center. Our platform is adaptive and seamlessly integrates with CRM’s and databases, making it easy for your call center agents to find the information they need – Fast.


5. Efficient Quality Process

Call center managers use techniques such as call monitoring and call scoring to enhance their quality control process, and it is easy to see why.  It is an effective tool for yielding both quantitative and qualitative data on how well that agent is performing.


However, depending on the size of your call center, this task can quickly become unmanageable and time-consuming. With PlayVox, our platform gives you a smarter, easy, and user-friendly approach to customer service quality assurance.


Evaluate more agents in less time, obtain quality statistics based on your team’s performance and eliminate the need for spreadsheets. This will not only provide an efficient quality process for call center managers, but it will also increase team productivity and make agents more accountable for hitting their objectives.

If you’re looking to improve your customer service via quality monitoring and employee engagement, PlayVox can provide the tools needed to deliver an outstanding customer service experience.

Say goodbye to countless spreadsheets, platforms and software. With PlayVox, manage team engagement, skills development and training to increase your sales and create a streamlined quality assessment process.


Ask us for a demo today or try our 14-day risk free trial.



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