How to Earn More Money Working in a Call Center [Infographic]

How to Earn More Money Working in a Call Center [Infographic]

It’s in our nature to continuously strive for more, better and bigger. Let’s be honest, call center pay will not make millionaires. However, if you’re looking to get more out of working in a call center, we’re here to help.

As a call center employee and depending on the offer and structure of your organization, there are ways to get a bit more than just your monthly paycheck.

Let’s talk about a few ways to earn more money working in a call center; because there are better things you can do besides working those unwanted shifts to earn an extra buck.



1. Sales commissions

Are you the type of salesman that can convince anyone to buy just about anything? If so, you might want to get paid based on commission along with a base instead of receiving a fixed monthly income.

You call center offers 12% commission? Nothing is set in stone and everything can be negotiated. Try increasing your commission percentage. Even a one or two percent increase can make a big difference in your salary if your ringing in large sales.

2. Ask about the extras

Working in a call center might not sound like the sexiest job. However, don’t be afraid to ask about the perks. You might be surprised to find that as a call center employee, you are entitled to transportation aid, food vouchers, insurance benefits and more. You won’t get if you don’t ask. And these extras can add up to several hundred dollars a month.

3. Employee referral

I’ve known several companies which offered rewards based on the level and skill of the employee you referred that got hired. If you hear that your company is looking for the next Steve Jobs, publish the offer across your extensive social network and put it to work for you.

But first, find out if your call center will reward you for doing so. And if no program has been established, talk to management to see what they can do about it.

4. Know your performance metrics

Be aware of the metrics your measured against and the goals that you are expected to meet. By doing so, you’re able to align your tasks to reach those goals and be the employee of the year.

5. Set target bonuses

Discuss with your boss and define clear goals which would entitle you to a bonus. Make sure they are challenging yet attainable and not unrealistic.

6. Performance reviews

Now that you have set clear goals to reach in order to receive your bonus, you must also set dates for performance reviews. Without performance reviews, management will not be able to see that the target goals were met and you will not be able to cash in your hard work.

This will define if you are entitled your bonus or need some extra coaching in order to get there.

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7. Show initiative

As a front-line employee, you receive great insights that management doesn’t have access to. Be sure to speak up about any new idea that your call center could potentially benefit from.

By voicing your ideas, not only do you show that you are a dedicated employee, but you demonstrate that you are able to think outside the box by providing solutions.

8. Be a team player

Working in a call center tends to provide a stand-alone environment. Be different and be the team player of call center employees. Help your coworkers when in need, listen when necessary and be the person that people can count on when they need support.

It’s by being a team player that you become a team leader.


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9. Learn a new skill

What does it take for you to reach your desired job? Do you need to improve your communication skills, tech skills or industry expertise?

Whatever it may be, pinpoint the area of improvement and work on it. Bonus points if you work with a mentor that can monitor your progress and be a legitimate voice to vouch for you at the time of asking for that raise or better job.

 earn more money working in a call center


OK sure, there might be no easy way to earn more money working in a call center. As a call center employee, you must work hard and show for your work which is essentially what will lead you to more opportunities and a better salary.

No guts, no glory!


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